Never employ any labor under the age of 18 as well as apprentices, interns, and student workers. Always respect every employee’s freedom of actions. Never compel employees to work or work overtime.


Always build up management mechanism applicable to laws. Always well manage and control employees’ working hours and days off.


Always provide employees with remunerations applicable to laws, including minimum wages, paid vacations, and legal benefits. Never adopt wage reduction as a means of penalty.


No use of any form of harassment and inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment, abuse, physical punishment, mental or physical compulsion, verbal abuse of workers, or any kind of similar threats.


Never discriminate against race, skin color, age, gender, sex inclination, gender acknowledgment, gender expression, ethnicity, nation origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, veteran status, protected genic information or marital status during the period of payroll, promotion, rewards, probation, appointment and recruitment.


Always respect and protect employees’ rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association, group negotiation. Neither interfere with nor subsidize a legal labor union. Set up effective communication channels for employees:



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