Phison’s Showcase for CES 2018 [2018-1-10]
  2018 CES Press Kit [2018-1-9]
  2018 CES Invitation [2017-12-6]
  Phison and Kingston Collaborate on NVMe SSD Controller to Accelerate into the Next SSD-era [2017-12-6]
  Phison FMS 2017 Highlights [2017-8-8]
  Phison’s New PS8313 UFS Controller Brings to Mobile the High Performance CoXProcessor 2.0 Technology from Its PCIe SSD [2017-8-8]
  FMS 2017 Press Kit [2017-8-8]
  Phison Gears Up for Mobile Phone Market with PS8226 3D NAND eMMC 5.1 Controller [2017-6-14]
  Next Generation 3D NAND Propels PCIe SSD Adoption [2017-5-31]
  Phison Win Litigations against U-Tech in Brazil [2017-4-18]
  Phison Unveil at CES 2017 The Next Generation of NAND Flash Controllers [2017-1-5]
  Phison Unveils New UFS Controller Supporting 3D TLC NAND [2016-12-16]
  Phison’s Max IOPS microSD card is your Android’s new best friend! [2016-10-11]
  Phison is 8k Video Ready with its new SD 5.0 compliant Video Speed Class SD/microSD Solutions [2016-9-2]
  Liqid & Kingston Showcase World’s Fastest 2.5-Inch SSD Powered by Phison PS5007-E7 NVMe Controller at FMS 2016 [2016-8-10]
  FMS 2016 Phison Product Announcements [2016-8-9]
  Phison Announces PS3111-S11T, Industrial Grade SATA III Controller for Embedded and Client SSD Solutions [2016-6-3]
  Phison CES 2016 Announcements [2016-1-8]
  Phison Announces PS5007-E7, PCIe Gen3x4 SSD controller with NVMe Specification [2015-8-11]
  Phison Invests in Liqid Inc [2015-6-24]
  Phison to Launch R&D Center in Hefei, China for SSD Controller Development [2015-6-24]
  Phison Showcases SATA III TLC SSD, 2TB MLC SSD, and Power-Fail Protection Design at CES 2015 [2015-1-8]
  Phison Delivers the World’s Fastest Single-Chip USB Controller Solution [2015-1-6]
  New Phison Controller Creates a Top Contender From THESSDREVIEW [2014-11-24]
  Phison Delivers the World’s Fastest UHS-II SD Card Controller [2014-10-17]
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