The emerging SSD markets has shaped up numerous new storage applications by leveraging SSDs performance characteristics. Phison’s advanced SSD flash controller technology is the key to enable superior reliability and maximum performance SSD solutions, with several measures of data protection scheme against NAND wear-out and unexpected power loss. By leveraging multiple design-wins experiences ranging from consumer to server SSDs, Phison flash controller is uniquely positioned to bring the best value to the SSD storage market.



Phison flash controller implements innovative technology to protect the data in the NAND flash cell against its P/E cycle limitation and data retention characteristics. The processor’s flexible algorithm also allows Phison-enabled SSDs to tailor around diverse SSD applications with unique requirements priorities.
End-to-End data path Protection (ETEP)
Ultimate data protection hardware feature made for enterprise SSD application against bit errors. ETEP protects the whole data path within the SSD controller as data travels from the host all the way to the NAND media, where the data is protected against power loss.
SmartECC™ Error Correction
SmartECC™ ECC Correction Scheme implements multiple levels of ECC correction to not only provide the basic ECC engine capability that NAND flash requires, but also extends the NAND durability with the additional of the RAID ECC Parity on the latest SSD controller offering.
Multi-Level ECC scheme can be summarized as follows:
Level 1 - Read Retry
Level 2 - Standard BCH ECC Parity in page spare area
Level 3 - LDPC ECC (on selective controllers)
Level 4 - RAID ECC Parity (on selective controllers)
SmartRefresh™ Read Disturb Monitor
Monitoring block ECC health status enables Phison flash controller to refresh blocks when necessary, in results improving data retention of the NAND cell. By implementing real-time media scan (RTMS) and idle-time media scan (ITMS), the data will be well protected as the NAND wears out over time.
Advanced Wear-Leveling
Intelligent static & dynamic Wear-Leveling for even distribution of flash wear-out.
Advanced Garbage Collection
Background management of used data blocks to extend SSD performance and endurance.


Phison SSD controller implements intelligent schemes to preserve data integrity in the events of unexpected loss of power during SSD operation. With SmartFlush™ technology, the in-flight data on the cache (volatile memory) is being safely transferred onto the NAND memory (non-volatile), ensuring well-protected data. In addition, GuaranteedFlsuh™ takes full advantage of Flash Cache CMD and additional protection layer to guarantee the important data critical to the system recovery upon reboot is properly preserved.
Smart On-the-fly Flushing (SOF)
  • Constant flushing to minimize the time data stays in the cache.
  • Re-organize random data chucks in cache before flushing to NAND to reduce WAF.
  • Smart Triggered Flushing (STF)
  • Link Loss Triggering
  • DEVSLP Triggering
  • Idle-Time Triggering
  • GuaranteedFlush™

    Flush Cache (E7h) command is supported by Phison-enabled SSDs. This command is used by the hosts to request the device to flush the write cache, that data shall be written to the media and the command shall not indicate completion until the data is flushed to the SSDs or error occurs.

    In additions to supporting this feature to “Guaranteed” a command completion, an extra layer of protection algorithm is designed to further protect the Flush Cache command to protect potential power interruption to 100% guaranteed the data on the drives.


    On-the-fly Encryption

    Several Phison SSD controllers offers AES-256 Encryption options for corporate demands (ie. TCG-OPAL) and government regulation (ie. FIPS-140-2).

    TCG Self-Encryption Drive Technology is also supported, protecting sensitive data from loss, re-purposing, or end-of-life.