Offers excellent Read/Write performances:
 Read: 90MB/s
 Write: 80 MB/s
 Provides Security CPRM (Content Protection Recordable Media) support
 Support ECC (Error Correction Code) Function
 Supports SPI mode
 Support Program RAM (ISP) Function, to Update Firmware and Solve Compatibility Issue
 Supports Data Stream Read/Write
 Supports Lock/Unlock, Write Protect and Erase commands
 Provide various capacity choices from 4GB to 32GB
 Comply with CE/FCC/VCCI/BSMI/RoHS

Technical Specifications
 Specifications: SD 3.0
 Speed Class up to Class 10
 Support UHS (Ultra High Speed) Function

micro SD Dimension
 15mm (L) x 11mm (W) x 1mm (H)

Operating voltage
 2.7 – 3.6V

Operating temperature
 -25℃ – 85℃

Storage temperature
 -40℃ – 85℃

Offers low power consumption for portable devices

 Taiwan: I370969
 China: ZL200810128183.x
US Patent No.8176267