Industrial microSD card


Phison’s industrial SD card is based on 9-pin interface and well adapted for hand-held applications in semi-industrial/medical markets. With customized firmware technique, Phison’s Industrial SD can be configured with pSLC SD Mode for outstanding performance along with better P/E cycles. Moreover, Phison’s industrial SD card underwent rugged testing environments to ensure that it can stay at the top of the industry in terms of withstanding the most rugged and unforgiving environments.

Product Specification




128MB~128GB (128MB ~ 64GB)(microSD)


SD3.0 up to SD5.0

 Flash Memory



Read up to 95 MB/s
Write up to 90 MB/s

 Power Consumption

 Active mode: < 400mA

 General Applications

Drive Recorder, Navigation System/GPS, Industrial PC/Server

 Operating Voltage

 DC 3.3V

 Operating Temperature

 -25°C ~ 85°C (Gold)
-40°C ~ 85°C (Diamond)


SDA, IEC-60068, MIL-STD-810, ISTA 2 Series, IEC-60529


More than 3,000,000 hours


Products are tested with both operational and non-operational status to ensure the highest qualities.


Auto Read Refresh, Static/Dynamic Wear Leveling, DCS (Sudden Power Loss Protection), Embedded mode, SMART function, Read/write safe, Hidden Area, VSC, A1


Note 1: Performance and Power Consumption may differ according to flash type, flash configuration, and platform.

Note 2: All reliability tests follow international standards