Industrial SATA Flash Module

Phison’s SATA Flash Module-V2 delivers all the advantages of flash disk technology with the Serial ATA III interface. It is designed with the form factor of 7-Pin SATA signals and could be mounted with 3 kinds of structure for orientation directly to host without any effort. Phison’s SATA Flash Module-V2 can operate at a maximum operating frequency of 300MHz with 40MHz external crystal. Its capacity could provide a wide range up to 128GB. Moreover, it can reach up to 530MB/s read as well as 200MB/s write high performance based on Toggle 2.0 SLC flash.

Product Specification







 Flash Memory


 Performance (Note1)

 Read: up to 530 MB/s
Write: up to 200 MB/s

 Power Consumption (Note1)

 Active mode: < 2,000 mW

 General Applications

 Storage, Recording, Back up, Boot device, Database in Server, NAS, SAN, Surveillance, Industrial PC/machines

 Operating Voltage

DC 5.0V

 Operating Temperature

 0°C ~ 70°C (Silver)
-40°C ~ 85°C (Diamond)

 Reliability (Note2)

 IEC-60068, IEC-61000, MIL-STD-810, ISTA 2 Series


 More than 2,000,000 hours


 Products are tested with both operational and non-operational status to ensure the highest qualities.


 DEVSLP mode, Static/Dynamic Wear leveling, Error Correcction Code (ECC),Power Loss Protection, SMART Function, TRIM, Over-Provision, pSLC support, Conformal Coating, Secure Erase


 beta SATA Flash Module (DOM) easy DS_v20.pdf

Note 1: Performance and Power Consumption may differ according to flash type, flash configuration, and platform.

Note 2: All reliability tests follow international standards