PHISON's PS8036 SD-to-Flash micro-controller specially designed for SD Card and embedded NAND applications. With built-in Enhanced BCH ECC, PS8036 is capable of supporting 1x/1y/1z nm flash in SPI and SD mode. The entire firmware is upgradable thanks to the addition of Programmable RAM, allowing host design flexibility.

Controller Highlights
  Complies with SD system specification version 4.2 and SDHC/SDXC
  Build-in hardware Enhanced ECC circuit (BCH)
  Program RAM (Program Upgradable)
  Supports 1x8 Flash I/O

Physical Characteristics
  Fabricated in 55nm CMOS process
  Operating Voltage: 2.7~3.6V
  Built-in Regulator that supports 1.8V and 3.3V Flash I/O

SD Interface
  Supports SD / SPI mode
  Support UHS-II (FD156/HD312)

NAND Flash Support
  Supports 1x/1y/1z nm Nand flash
  Supports up to 4 Chip Enable pins and 1 controller Bus
  Supports MLC large block (4/8/16KB page) NAND Flash Memory
  MLC flash Read/Write speed up to 285/250 MB/s(Ultra MLC), MaxTurbo Mode speed up to 325/280 MB/s

Other Features
  Build-in static and dynamic wear-leveling
  Power Saving implemented
  Supports CPRM
  Supports CID Register (serial number/PNM/MDT…..etc.) information update and customized.