In today's competitive market, the competition is not only about the product design; it is also about the quick delivery to meet the emerging trend, especially on pen drive products.
Phison Design's great advantage is with Professional Multidisciplinary teams that include Industrial design, Mechanical design and Commercial design. At Phison creative center, designers perform all kinds of product development duties which are in project control and management. 

What can we do for you?



Our mission is to help our clients with the creative process and creating the best solution. Also, we help realize making the dream’s ideas of our clients as we our constantly growing innovation and expertise in design. At the same time, our designs stand at an international benchmark where product quality means everything. In addition, we can totally fulfill the designer's original idea finalize the product based on CAID process and manufacturing experience.



The Commercial design is the most important part between the end user and each product. This is an essential process usually in product in the middle to final phase of industrial design, includes the refinement of the final visual transmission. In each phase participation of engineers of different disciplines will be invited to ensure design and production quality.



With all the competitive edge, Phison can truly offer an effective design service to market. If you are still looking for an extraordinary design team with innovating globe perspective whose goals are to creating high quality pen drive products. We are the ones you are looking for!