支持IDE (PATA)接口:
       512 Bytes/Sector
       ATA command set compatible

 提供4-Channel1 读写速度与搭配SLC/MLC flash memory
       SLC2: Read/Write (MB/s) = 85/80
       MLC3: Read/Write (MB/s) = 85/65

 最高容量可达256GB(1.8”) 与512GB(2.5”)
 提供Intelligent ATA/IDE Module
 Built-in embedded flash file system
 Implemented with both dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms to increase endurance of flash media
 Strong ECC hardware design, correcting up to 68-bit random error per 1K byte


 The results are based on HDBench with Phison’s latest PATA controller – PS3016-P9 + Windows XP.
       Based on Toshiba 24nm 4K SLC
       Based on Toshiba 19nm 16K MLC


 2.5 Inch PATA SSD : PS3016-P9 2.5 PATA SSD simplified datasheet.pdf

 1.8 Inch PATA SSD : PS3016-P9 1.8 PATA SSD simplified datasheet.pdf