PCMCIA / IDE Interface (Support up to PIO Mode 6 / Multi Word DMA Mode 4 / PCMCIA Ultra DMA Mode
       5 /Ultra DMA Mode 7)
       Fully compatible with CompactFlash Specification Version 6.0
       Fully compatible with PC Card Standard Release 8.0
       Fully compatible with the IDE standard interface
       Host Transfer Rate for PC Card / CompactFlash: 25MB/s (PIO6)
       Host Transfer Rate for IDE standard interface: 166MB/s (UDMA7) 
 讀寫最快速度可達120MB/s (800X) 
 1T RISC uP8051 RAM Mode 
 支援SRAM Buffer (Dual Buffer Mode)  
 工作電壓: 3.0 - 5.5V  

 Datasheet : PS3016-P9 Compact Flash Card simplified datasheet.pdf