PS3110 Controller

Beyond Your Expectaction

PS3110 is designed to achieve top tier SSD performance. Sequential data transfer rate up to 550 MB/ sec with 100K random read IOPS and 90K random write IOPS can ideally fit in every high performance application. PS3110 provides improved performance to optimize your user experience.

3 CPUs dedicated for flash management in order to achieve a sustained performance even when disk space is low. The smaller the swing; the lower the command latency.


There is a risk of losing data through every data transition process. PS3110 implements this enterprise feature to protect the entire data path within SSD utilizing CRC/ECC.

  • Designed to fight against internal soft errors between SRAMs.
  • Error detection/correction between Controller and DRAM.
  • Error detection/correction between Controller and NAND flash.

Errors are unavoidable with advanced flash processing. It is why data reconstruction becomes necessary for enterprise applications nowadays.

Smart ECC™ is new RAID ECC technology to recover uncorrectable errors. When a page is found faulty and flash ECC protection fails to recover the uncorrectable errors, the defective page will be reconstructed by our Smart ECC™ engine.

This Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware protects your data by on-the-fly data encryption without sacrificing performance. To truly experience the advantages that Phison AES SSD can offer to user, Phison has developed TCG Security App. Now AES configuration is easy and user friendly!



Phison PS3110 是一顆搭載四核心的SATA-to-Flash微控制IC,乃特別為SATA module 與嵌入式NAND應用所設計。最多可支援8通道與32CE NAND快閃記憶體,隨機4k 讀取更高達100,000 IOPS。透過對TLC NAND Flash的支援,可說是大容量儲存裝置應用的最佳選擇。

 符合SATA 3.2規範
 支援SATA I/II/III 1.5G/3G/6Gbps介面
 支援2Gb/4Gb/8Gb DDR III Cache
 內建enhanced up to 120bit/2KB ECC circuit (BCH)
 Program RAM (韌體可更新)

 採用521-pin FBGA封裝方式
 適用電壓:0.9V ~ 3.6V

 支援interleave, 4-plane與8-channel Flash access
 支援MLC/TLC large block (8k/16k page) NAND快閃記憶體
 MLC NAND 連續性讀/寫速度可達550/530 MB/s, 4K隨機讀/寫IOPS可達100K/90K

 End-to-End Data Path Protection