Sustainable Governance
Sustainable Governance
Since the foundation of Phison Electronics, in addition to pursuing the greatest profit, we have also devoted ourselves to sustainability with our stakeholders, such as employees, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. Our sustainable visions include: Trust with Transparency, Green Operation, and Giving Back to Society.

Trust with Transparency

Phison attaches great importance to long-term sustainable operation. By building a good governance structure, we strengthen our transparency in cooperate governance to increase trust and identification of every stakeholders.Therefore, we drive virtuous cycle in the industry for gathering strength and action.

Giving Back to Society

Phison adheres to the philosophy “take from society, give back to society.” We assist rural area and disadvantage groups with our employees by cash contribution, in-kind contribution, and time contribution to improve and perfect the society.

Green Operation

Phison is committed to environmental sustainability, including promoting green design, green supply chain, green operation and energy sufficiency product. Furthermore, We expect to develop a sustainable future with our stakeholders.