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Scaling Boundaries, Not Budgets - Phison Demonstrates Major Breakthrough in Battle to Lower LLM Training Costs with aiDAPTIV+ Solution

Phison and Maingear demonstrating aiDAPTIV+ system during NVIDIA GTC 2024

San Jose – March 18, 2024 – Phison Electronics (8299TT), a leading provider of NAND controllers and storage solutions, today announced aiDAPTIV+ partnerships with ASUS, Gigabyte, MAINGEAR, and MediaTek. At GTC 2024, Phison and partners will demonstrate aiDAPTIV+, a hybrid hardware and software large language model (LLMs) fine-tune training solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to process and retain local control of their sensitive machine learning (ML) data.

Foundational training of LLMs gives a broad understanding of language but aiDAPTIV+ enables the fine-tuning process that molds these models into specialized tools capable of understanding the topics that deliver precise results for your business needs. Commodity workstation hardware is enhanced with aiDAPTIV+ software, and first generation aiDAPTIVCache Series ai100 SSDs to enable larger training models than previously possible in a workstation form-factor.

"MAINGEAR's Pro AI Series workstations, driven by Phison aiDAPTIV+, empower users with large language model AI training prowess without excessive costs. Our dedication to crafting highly capable yet budget-friendly solutions guarantee SMBs, universities, and research facilities a competitive advantage in an industry formerly restricted by multimillion-dollar investments," affirmed Wallace Santos, MAINGEAR's founder and CEO.

aiDAPTIV+ is the industry’s most innovative solution addressing today’s AI pain points for SMBs. aiDAPTIV+ features include:

  • Ease of use – Focus on training your data and not training engineers. aiDAPTIV+ was designed for end-users to reduce training complexity and infrastructure requirements.
  • Cost and accessibility – Leverages the cost-effective aiDAPTIVCache family of extreme-endurance SSDs to seamlessly increase the available memory capacity of workstation GPUs to train with more data and scale to Llama-2 70b and beyond.
  • Privacy – Your data has value and you want to control it. aiDAPTIV+ is an on-premises fine-tune training solution allowing you to keep your data off the cloud.

"To deliver maximum value to our clients, ASUS has integrated Phison's aiDAPTIV+ into our data center solution, offering substantial performance enhancements without increased costs," said Paul Ju, Corporate Vice President and CTO of Data Center, OP BG and General Manager of Data Center Solution BU at ASUS. "We continue to uphold our partnership with Phison, aiming to foster innovation and maintain competitiveness in the market."

“GIGABYTE's already embraced Phison's SSD technology. With Phison's leading position in flash controllers and GIGABYTE's deep experience in the PC market, the two parties have successfully launched quality storage solutions,” said Etay Lee, CEO of GIGABYTE. “In addition to the PC market, GIGABYTE has also been deeply involved in AI servers for many years. Phison's innovative AI technology solution, aiDAPTIV+, assists GIGABYTE's AI server customers by providing another computing architecture for AI model fine-tuning. By integrating SSDs into the AI computing architecture and using SSDs to extend GPU memory, it significantly reduces the cost of AI computations, which is great news for global customers who want to introduce AI-assisted applications. GIGABYTE will continue to expand its cooperation with Phison to jointly contribute to the popularization of AI applications.”

Phison aiDAPTIV+ has also partnered with MediaTek DaVinci generative AI platform. This platform takes advantage of aiDAPTIV+ trained data, empowering businesses to retain local control over sensitive information, from training to execution.

“As a primary driver and enabler of AI development, MediaTek is committed to leading the industry in ensuring the latest technology is accessible to everyone,” said Jason Yeh, Assistant General Manager of the AI and Data Engineering Division at MediaTek. “By leveraging the cutting-edge computing capabilities of Phison’s aiDAPTIV+, integrated with our MediaTek DaVinci platform, we are making it possible for a broad spectrum of industries to embrace the potential of generative AI.”

At GTC, Phison will also showcase the company’s full suite of PCIe Gen5 ecosystem products including X200 SSDs, PS7100 Series Redrivers, and PS7200 Series Retimers.

  • Phison X200: PCIe Gen5 performance surpasses 14GB/s and up to 32TB density in U.2/U.3 and E3.S form factors that increase data center and enterprise efficiency.
  • Phison PS7100 Series Redrivers: PHiTUNE AI-enabled Redrivers with up to 20dB signal conditioning to maximize motherboard layouts for longer trace lengths that support more high-speed on-board and pluggable devices.
  • Phison PS7200 Series Retimers: Advanced Retimers for enterprise and automotive applications with support for CXL 2.0 and link bifurcation for PCIe Gen5 signal conditioning over long cable lengths.


Phison will be exhibiting at GTC 2024 in booth # 1826. Visit Phison’s GTC event page to find out more here. For more information on aiDAPTIV+ and our award-winning PCIe Gen5 Ecosystem product line, please visit To access Phison’s blog, visit


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