Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2024/06/11 Time of announcement  14:31:09
 Announcement of Phison's second half of 2023
ex-dividend record date of cash dividend and payment date
Date of events   2024/06/11 To which item it meets paragraph 14
1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or
shareholders meeting, or of the decision by the company:2024/06/11
2.Type (ex-rights or ex-dividend) (please write Ex-rights,
 Ex-dividend, or Ex-rights and dividend):Ex-dividend
3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:The common stock cash
 dividend distribution is NT$1,773,262,169.
4.Ex-rights (Ex-dividend) date:2024/07/09
5.Last date before book closure:2024/07/10
6.Book closure starting date:2024/07/11
7.Book closure ending date:2024/07/15
8.Ex-rights (Ex-dividend) record date:2024/07/15
9.Deadline for applying the conversion of the debt voucher:2024/06/18
10.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will
 start from the date:2024/06/20
11.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will
end on the date:2024/07/15
12.Payment date of cash dividend distribution:2024/08/01
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
   In the event of a change in the actual number of outstanding shares of
   the Company in the future, resulting in a change in the actual cash
   dividend per share, the Chairman is authorized to adjust and handle
   the related matters accordingly.