Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  3 Date of announcement  2021/11/18 Time of announcement  17:14:47
 Announce the re-appointment of the
representative of the company's legal person director
Date of events   2021/11/18 To which item it meets paragraph 6
1.Date of occurrence of the change:2021/11/18
2.Name of legal person:Cheng He Investment Co., Ltd
3.Name of the previous position holder:Chih Jen Hsu
4.Resume of the previous position holder:Vice Technical President of Phison
 Electronics Corporation
5.Name of the new position holder:Wee Kuan Gan
6.Resume of the new position holder:Vice President of Phison Electronics
7.Reason for the change:Legal person director Cheng He Investment Co., Ltd.
reappointed legal person representative
8.Original term (from __________ to __________):from 2020/06/03 to 2023/06/02
9.Effective date of the new appointment:2021/11/18
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:No.