Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2021/11/26 Time of announcement  16:17:49
 Announce the resolution of the board of directors
of the company to replace the accounting firm and
certified accountants.
Date of events   2021/11/26 To which item it meets paragraph 7
1.Date of the board of directors resolution (Date of
occurrence of the event):2021/11/26
2.Name of the original accounting firm:Deloitte & Touche Accounting
3.Name of the original CPA 1:Li Wen Kuo
4.Name of the original CPA 2:Pei De Chen
5.Name of the new accounting firm:KPMG
6.Name of the new CPA 1:Wan Yuan Yu
7.Name of the new CPA 2:Qian Hui Lu
8.Reason for the replacement:To meet the needs of the Companys internal
9.Specify whether the company or the original CPA decided
 to terminate or discontinue the appointment:The company decided to terminate
 the appointment.
10.The date the company notified or was notified by the CPA
 about the termination:2021/11/26
11.Were there adjustments to or suggestions on major internal
control improvement matters in financial report that have been
 filed or are being prepared in the last 2 fiscal years:None.
12.Was there any divergence in opinion between the Company
and the original CPA concerning above adjustments or
suggestions? (If so, please specify.):Not applicable.
13.Whether the company consults the new CPA regarding
the adjustments and suggestions and probable opinion
before official engagement? (If so, please specify.):Not applicable.
14.Specify whether the original CPA is authorized to
respond to the reasonable inquiries (including diverging
opinions on above matters) from the new CPA:Yes.
15.Any other matters that need to be specified:From the fourth quarter of
 2021, the companys financial reports will be checked by the new
appointed CPA firm.