Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2022/11/14 Time of announcement  14:32:51
 Announcement of Phison's first half of 2022
ex-dividend record date of cash dividend and payment date
Date of events   2022/11/14 To which item it meets paragraph 14
1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or
shareholders meeting, or of the decision by the company:2022/11/14
2.Type (ex-rights or ex-dividend) (please write Ex-rights,
 Ex-dividend, or Ex-rights and dividend):Ex-dividend
3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:The common stock cash
dividend distribution NT$1,970,739,930.
4.Ex-rights (Ex-dividend) date:2022/12/13
5.Last date before book closure:2022/12/14
6.Book closure starting date:2022/12/15
7.Book closure ending date:2022/12/19
8.Ex-rights (Ex-dividend) record date:2022/12/19
9.Deadline for applying the conversion of the debt voucher:2022/11/22
10.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will
 start from the date:2022/11/24
11.The closure period for the conversion of the debt voucher will
end on the date:2022/12/19
12.Payment date of cash dividend distribution:2023/01/06
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)Shareholders' cash dividend is planned to be distributed on 2023/01/06.
(2)In the future, if the dividend rate to shareholders changes due to
changes in the total number of outstanding shares issued by the company, the
chairman will be authorized to adjust and handle relevant changes.