Many corporations’ databases are stored on hard disk drives (HDDs) because it was the only option at the time. HDDs consume high amounts of power, have slow performance, and do not use rack storage efficiently with a large 3.5” form factor. New innovations in solid-state drives (SSDs) are enabling IT managers to upgrade from HDDs and move their data to platforms that offer more benefits and lower overall costs. With more and more databases transitioning from HDDs to SSDs, it’s essential that you make the right choice in the fastest performance products to sustain your data centers into the future. Phison Enterprise SSD solutions enable this transition.

Phison's ESR1610 Customizable SSD Platform

Our fully customizable platform offers:

World's highest capacity
2.5" SATA at 15.36TB QLC
for Enterprise SSDs

Performance that exceeds HDDs by 20 to 50 times in random write and read IOPs, respectively.

Highest rack
storage densities:

Phison’s ESR1610 2.5” 15.36TB only uses 1/8th
of the physical space of a 3.5” HDD, enabling greater
rack storage densities.

Lowest power consumption

Lower failure rates than HDD.

There are no moving mechanical parts inside a SSD
that can be a primary cause of failure in a HDD.

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