Hyperscale/RAID Storage

IT Managers understand SSDs are superior to HDDs with faster performance, lower power consumption, and increased reliability. In the past there have been obstacles to replacing HDD rack storage with SSDs: HDDs had a higher capacity per drive than SSDs and were also lower priced.

Phison’s new ESR1610 Enterprise SSD customizable platform changes the paradigm with the world’s highest capacity in a 2.5” 7mm SATA drive that is paired with more affordable QLC NAND. With the ESR1610 Series SSD, IT managers will find a high capacity, customizable solution to migrate all of their data off of HDD and onto SSD.

Phison's ESR1610 Customizable SSD Platform

Our fully customizable platform offers:

World's highest capacity
2.5" SATA at 15.36TB QLC
for Enterprise SSDs

Plug-wise compatible with
SATA interface slots

...making it easy to replace HDDs with SSDs!

Highest rack
storage densities:

Phison’s ESR1610 2.5” 15.36TB only uses 1/8th
of the physical space of a 3.5” HDD, enabling greater
rack storage densities.

QLC NAND means more
affordable SSD pricing.

Industry analysts forecast QLC SSDs will be priced significantly less that similar capacity TLC SSDs.

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