Phison’s X1 SSD and Controller Solution
The industry's most advanced U.3
PCIe Gen4x4 dual port SSD

Unparalleled NAND storage performance
capabilities for today's modern data centers

<p>High Performance Computing</p>

High Performance Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Hyperscale<br />Data Center

Data Center

<p>Best-in-Class<br /> Performance</p>


Best-in-Class<br /> Low Power

Low Power

Removes Data<br />Bottlenecks

Removes Data

Energy Efficient<br />and Lower TCO

Energy Efficient
and Lower TCO

Highly Optimized

Highly Optimized

Developed in Partnership with SeagateEngineered with Phison technology for data centers

High performanceEfficiencyIncreased storage density

X1 controller and SSD solution developed in partnership with Seagate. Controller IP and firmware developed concurrently in Phison’s R&D facility enabling the most stable design at product launch.

Seagate's models of X1 SSD are the Nytro 5050 Series SSDs.


Customizable Enterprise SSD Platform

Phison is the world’s largest SSD ODM/OEM manufacturer in the world.
We help our customers build their own successful brands by offering highly customized X1 SSDs with:

  • Customer’s logo on the drive label
  • Customer’s product name and identifier in firmware
  • Custom firmware implementations and optimizations for unique application performance, power, and endurance requirements
  • Phison direct engineering support
  • Bill of materials “locking” with Engineering Change Notice (ECO) support

X1 Is the Industry's Most Advanced
Enterprise SSD Solution

Offer more computing with less energy consumption, providing a cost-effective solution that eliminates performance bottlenecks, significantly improves quality of service (QoS), and delivers the highest levels of data integrity and security for critical business applications.

PCIe Gen4x4 Dual Port
• U.3 SSD form factor,
backward compatible in U.2 slots
• Most advanced 3D TLC NAND

• 1DWPD – 1.92 / 3.84 / 7.68 / 15.36TB
• 3 DWPD – 1.6 / 3.2 / 6.4 / 12.8TB

Powerfully Efficient

X1 SSD Solution Competitive Performance

Performance Comparison

1) Preliminary performance based on X1 12.8TB and Firmware 422

Best-in-Class Low Power Consumption

Phison X1 SSD solutionDelivers 30% or more data in reads than competitors for the same power used

X1 has the lowest power consumption:

• Active Reads : 13.5 Watts
• Active Writes : 17.9 Watts
• Idle : 6.5 Watts


Less cooling / airflow costs, statistically better MTBF