Read-Intensive Storage

Storage warehouses today hold massive volumes of pictures, movies, databases, X-ray scans, and many other types of media. With an explosion of growth in the digital age of content there is a greater need for highly optimized storage for read-intensive applications.

Phison’s ESR1610 series offers the highest rack storage densities with low power consumption, fast block transfers for reading data, and quick response time on commands for Quality of Service.

Phison's ESR1610 Customizable SSD Platform

Our fully customizable platform offers:

World's highest capacity
2.5" SATA at 15.36TB QLC
for Enterprise SSDs

Fast read response times.

Highest rack
storage densities:

IT managers of Hyperscale data centers have racks and racks of storage. The ESR1610 Series SSD fits within a standard 2.5” form factor and packs up to 15.36TB. Industry leading 4U rack enclosures that can hold up to 72 2.5” drives can offer a capacity of up to 1.1 PB. A full 48U rack can store up to 13 PB!

QLC NAND means more
affordable SSD pricing.

Industry analysts forecast QLC SSDs will be priced significantly less that similar capacity TLC SSDs.

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