Product Name: PS3108-S8


PHISON's PS PS3108 SATA-to-Flash micro-controller specially designed for various types of SATA module and embedded NAND applications. It can support up to 10/20+ nm MLC/SLC Large-Block NAND flash memory with up to 64 chip-enables capacity.

Controller Highlights
 Compatible with SATA 3.0 specification
 Compatible with SATA I/II/III 1.5G/ 3G/ 6Gbps interface
 Support 2Gb/4Gb DDRIII Cache
 Built-in enhanced up to 72bit/1KB ECC circuit (BCH)
 Program RAM (Program Upgradable)

Physical Characteristics
 Fabricated in 55nm CMOS process
 Available 324-pin BGA package
 Operating Voltage: 0.9 ~ 3.6V
 Built-in Regulator that supports 3.3V/1.8V Flash I/O

NAND Flash Support
 Supports 10/20+nm flash
 Supports up to 64 chip-enable pins
 Supports interleave, 2-plane and 8-channel Flash access
 Supports SLC/MLC large block (8K/16K page) NAND Flash Memory
 MLC sequential R/W speed up to 520/460 MB/s

Other Features
 Built-in static and dynamic wear-leveling
 Power Saving implemented
 Supports model name information update


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