As a responsible purchaser, Phison collaborates with suppliers to strive for excellence in quality, cost, delivery, environmental protection, safety, and health. The company implements responsible supply chain management through four key execution principles: "Adhering to Guidelines," "Risk Assessment," "Audit Participation," and "Continuous Improvement." In enforcing "Audit Participation," Phison not only encourages active participation from suppliers but also takes on a supervisory and supportive role. Phison conducts supplier audits exceeding the standards of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), facilitating suppliers' alignment with international standards.


Setting Goals and Practices for Enhancing Supply Chain Management in Response to Global Sustainability Trends

To improve supply chain sustainability performance, by the end of 2023, 89.3% of existing suppliers and 100% of primary suppliers had signed the "Phison Supplier Code of Conduct." In 2023, Phison required 54 suppliers to undergo professional audits according to RBA standards and demanded an improvement completion rate of over 80% for major audit deficiencies.


Ensuring Supplier Compliance with Audits through Education and Advocacy

To ensure that all suppliers fully understand and comply with the relevant audit processes, in May 2024, Phison invited 57 supplier partners to participate in the annual supplier training program. This training was conducted by a former Intertek auditor who explained the Supplier Code of Conduct, supply chain risk assessment, and RBA standard audits.

Phison places great importance on enhancing suppliers' sustainability management capabilities. Through RBA audit explanations and training courses, the company deepens the overall sustainability awareness and practices within the supply chain. The 2024 annual supplier training program saw participation from 57 companies. Phison will continue to comprehensively review potential issues in suppliers' sustainability management through professional audits, identify opportunities for continuous improvement, and regularly track the progress of Phison's sustainability development goals.