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Firmware Engineer

【Diverse Opportunities for Learning & Self Improvements】 At Phison, opportunities are everywhere for you to explore. Continuous personal growth and strength-fostering under efficient manners are major focal points as each individual gets to quickly accumulate working experiences from the diverse Phison project portfolio as well as robust senior leadership.

Nicole Teo

Senior Sales Representative

【Smooth School-To-Job Transition】 Phison’s working environment atmosphere has always been friendly as leaders and coworkers are eager to help. While healthy doses of competition make us all better, the company has always been highly aware of the importance of tension management, which leads to positive and balanced working dynamics identical to that of the lifestyle on school campuses we’ve all gotten a taste of back from our academic careers.

Paul Chong

High Speed Analog Verification Engineer

【Competitive compensation with well-rounded welfare program】 Phison’s rapid growth over the recent years has been out in plain view for all. The strong efforts also go into ensuring competitive compensations and robust welfare programs to allow us employees, especially those who identify as newcomers to the country or the area, to focus on our jobs without unneeded distractions.

Phison Can Help

Accommodations & Arrangements

  • Work permit application
  • Consultation on residence permit
  • Consultation on residence permit for dependents


  • Staff dormitories
  • Accommodation Information Supply
  • Office surroundings guidance and assistance
  • Company supported bicycle commuting option


  • Assistance in payroll account opening
  • Assistance in credit card application
  • Taxation affairs consulting service

Banking affairs

  • Policy assistance and coordination
  • Life assistance (family, interpersonal, physical and mental health, finance, law, etc.)

Other assistance

Opportunities Are Everywhere at Phison

You Flew Here, Now Fly High!

K.C. Tan

Innovation Technology R&D Group
Deputy Director

With the variety of career opportunities in the Taiwanese chain of high tech industry that encompasses practices ranging from fundamental to real-world applied science, PHISON attracted me as a startup at first with the stage it’d set up for me to exert myexpertise on. Now it’s been twenty years since then, yet the level of energy remains the same as each and every employee is equally valued and well-treated. No matter the ethnicity, gender, cultural background, or even political inclination, we all get equal opportunities to maximize our potential as we stride further down each unique career paths at Phison.

Daniel Wong

System Solution Development Group
Deputy Director

Speaking from personal experience as a student from Malaysia, I made the decision to stay and work in Taiwan after graduation. PHISON's competitive edge gained from its unique business strategies and dedication to storage technology R&D in addition to the generous salary packages and considerate welfare arrangements made up the crucial components of my choice to join the company I believe has a bright future in.

Ever since day-one at PHISON, I have gone through the promotion from engineering to managerial position as I took part in the development of various products ranging from the earlier storage tech in SD Cards and eMMC, to the currently emerging UFS. In hind sight, my journey was filled with challenges for me to display my expertise and innovativeness, which is the best of what Phison has always been able to provide for all of its employees.

“We can’t stop problems from occurring, but we CAN face it head-on by reacting and adjusting.” These are direct words of encouragement often used by the company CEO, KS Pua, to keep the team going during harder times. More often than not, frustrations come hand-in-hand with senses of achievements, and the process of learning to cope with both as we become better at PHISON has brought me abundant precious lessons.

Dragons Lee

Innovation Technology R&D Group
Senior Manager

The tech industry in Taiwan has been known to play an important role in the world from various perspectives. Considering my own academic background as well as the blooming economic environment of Taiwan, I joined PHISON upon the finish of my academic career as the company was quickly growing during the time. PHISON, with its continued dedication to innovation in the NAND Flash application industry, amazed and attracted me with its thorough welfare support and salary program that truly take care of employees by embracing us as family and helping us concentrate on our jobs.

What matters the most at PHISON is the right attitude and the willingness to fight for oneself and all those surrounding. What’s guaranteed at Phison are opportunities for you to be accountable for what matters to the team, while the team in turn takes care of what may be difficult for you. Here at Phison, those willing to put in earnest work and take on responsibilities will always feel welcomed wholeheartedly.

K.L. Lau

System Solution Development Group
Senior Manager

As I became with the Taiwanese style of living from my studying abroad experience on this land, I decided to stay and pursue a career in Taiwan as opposed to retuning to my home country Malaysia the hopeful upsides in mind for job opportunity abundance and competitive average pay-level. As I found out more about the background of PHISON as a company--founded by a group of NCTU alumnus with its strong reputation of providing a kind and friendly environment for graduates, it quickly became clear to me that I would fit right into the company by sharing background, qualities, and even goals in common.

Many of Phison employees come from different parts of the world, and this makes it natural for us to share and exchange different opinions and learn from the others. Local to the land of Taiwan or not, opportunities to expand your career path is always in your own hand as it is always a fair game at Phison. For me personally, it is continuous devotion to self-improvement in technical capabilities while utilizing the internal training courses for management skills that really made me feel like I’m getting the step ahead. No matter the path you take, hard work truly pays off here at Phison as it’s highly valued for all to recognize individual efforts.