Globally established

Phison’s NAND technology leadership is well established across the globe. In 2020 the company opened a state-of-the-art enterprise SSD research laboratory in Broomfield, Colorado, USA.

With the aim to grow its enterprise business, Phison’s new lab will also help the company move more visibly into U.S. non consumer/retail markets.

Phison is highly committed to continued research and development to ensure customers have access to best-in-class features and industry-leading technologies. In fact, 80% of the company’s global operating budget is being spent on R&D.

80% of global budget spent on R&D

Phison has become a cutting-edge technology company committed to developing next-generation NAND storage solutions.

It holds more than 2,000 patents with more than 3,500 global employees (70% are engineers) and continues to innovate to deliver best-in-class quality and performance solutions to its customers worldwide.

Powering the Future with NAND Controllers and NAND Storage Solutions

Phison helps customers develop the leading-edge products of today and tomorrow

Phison solutions leverage advanced technologies that enable life and work as we know it today – and prepare us for how it will change tomorrow. Phison is a trusted partner in extended engineering, design and manufacturing services. It serves top PC OEMs, NAND product manufacturers, rack storage OEMs and major consumer/retail brands.

It also serves many other OEMs and system integrators in the enterprise sector and computing, industrial and automotive industries.

The company’s unique service and support is often considered an extension of its partners’ own engineering and design teams.


Phison’s Story


On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Phison is a key contributor to industry-leading organizations

Since its inception, Phison has been part of the vanguard of innovators leading the way in the NAND flash controller and storage solutions industries. The company has played a key role in continually defining – and refining – performance and testing standards in the quest to deliver the highest-quality products and solutions that enable its customers’ needs. Phison is a member of the following industry organizations: