Why Phison?

The gaming industry will continue to grow at unprecedented levels for years to come and with that comes the demand for incredible performance. Phison is the leader in customized industry-leading optimized SSDs for gaming.
We spearhead innovation and push the boundaries for maximum performance.

Through Our Ecosystem Partners, We Accelerate the Path to Winning

  • E18 SSD
  • E21T SSD
  • E13T BGA SSD

  • PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 Form Factor

    Whether you are alone in the shadows or a far away galaxy in a squadron, we enhance your gaming experience. The E18 is the only solution on the market to break the 7GB/s barrier for both read and write access with superior power efficiency. Your device stays cool even while running the most blazingly fast applications.



    Sequential Read up to 7400MB/s
    Sequential Write up to 7000MB/s
    4K Random Read up to 1000K IOPS
    4K Random Write up to 1000K IOPS

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  • PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe M.2 Form Factor

    We started the revolution with Gen4 NVMe SSD controller enabling innovative technologies that power seamless gaming experiences. The upcoming next generation E21T controller based SSD solution provides up to 25% improvement in performance and efficiency over the previous generation E19T.

    Our transition from 28nm to 12nm process technology will trigger a new wave of design-in opportunities and will continue to be a great solution for console, PC/laptop, and mobile gaming.



    Sequential Read up to 5000MB/s
    Sequential Write up to 4500MB/s
    4K Random Read up to 780K IOPS
    4K Random Write up to 800K IOPS

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  • PCIe Gen 3x2 NVMe
    11mm x 13mm x 1.2mm BGA Form Factor

    We bring the lowest 1W of active power to market for efficient mobile gaming so your device stays cool throughout the game. With end-to-end data path protection and enhanced reliability, E13T BGA SSD controller makes it the perfect solution for today’s portable devices.



    Sequential Read up to 1730MB/s
    Sequential Write up to 1180MB/s
    4K Random Read up to 195K IOPS
    4K Random Write up to 245K IOPS

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We Know How Gamers Play.
We Deliver What Gamers Want.

It is forecasted that over the next few years, PCIe Gen4 will lead in the client SSD market. Phison was one of the first to ship a Gen4×4 SSD and has a leadership position in providing customers the best-in-class SSD for high performance client and desktop applications and gaming.

Don Jeanette
Vice President, SSD Research, TrendFocus