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Providing Customized SSD, NAND Flash,
Signal Integrity and Power Management
IC Solutions

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Imagin+ Platform is where your imagination becomes technological reality.
Whether you’re launching for Mars and beyond or designing for the next technology revolution,
our engineering and design experience will help you achieve your goals.

Why Imagin+ Platform?

With over 2000 patents worldwide and more than 20 years of experience, Phison can deliver the storage that best meets your needs. You imagine it and we can help you create it.

Design Service Empowering Innovation

Enhanced Competitiveness Phison’s broad range of in-house IP and commitment to R&D enables our company and partners to stay ahead of the curve and deploy future-proof solutions.

Streamlined engineering process Phison created the world’s first and only NAND controller and storage development resource sharing platform that simplifies collaboration and workflows.

Accelerated time-to-market Phison’s flexible manufacturing process enables it to design and deliver final turnkey flash storage products according to partner specifications and speed up time to market.