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Imagin+ Platform is where your imagination becomes technological reality.
Whether you’re launching for Mars and beyond or designing for the next technology revolution,
our engineering and design experience will help you achieve your goals.

Why Imagin+ Platform?

With over 2000 patents worldwide and more than 20 years of experience, Phison can deliver the storage that best meets your needs. You imagine it and we can help you create it.

Design Service Empowering Innovation

Enhanced Competitiveness Phison’s broad range of in-house IP and commitment to R&D enables our company and partners to stay ahead of the curve and deploy future-proof solutions.

Streamlined engineering process Phison created the world’s first and only NAND controller and storage development resource sharing platform that simplifies collaboration and workflows.

Accelerated time-to-market Phison’s flexible manufacturing process enables it to design and deliver final turnkey flash storage products according to partner specifications and speed up time to market.


Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) or non-recurring engineering (NRE) fee?

With IMAGIN+ you are getting a Tier-1 OEM-quality product. We provide ASIC design services, firmware customization, characterization, validation and ongoing reliability testing. We can also manage the manufacturing and supply chain for you. Our scale allows us to generate economy of scale and get aggressive pricing from suppliers. This means the effort and cost of our offerings will vary case by case depending on what you need. There is no set MOQ/NRE cost and small changes come with small fees. We will explain the level of effort required and the cost associated with your requirements. On top of that, we can even offer recommendations on how to reduce costs. Often, dropping a few secondary requirements can make a big difference.

We welcome you to consult with us to see how Phison IMAGIN+ can benefit you.

I have a project that is not related to NAND flash. Can Phison help me with this project?

Phison’s primary focus is on NAND Flash solutions, signal conditioning ICs and power management ICs. Phison also partners with customers to license and support our storage IP including SerDes, mixed signal, memory interface, ECC and security.

How does my company engage Phison’s IMAGIN+ for a custom ASIC?

Send us your requirements and Phison will either license our broad portfolio of IP or customize our mass production storage controllers, signal conditioning ICs and power management ICs.

How long does it typically take Phison to create a custom ASIC?

It depends on the application and complexity of the custom IC. We have completed PCIe 4.0 SSD ASICs within 9 months. For more complicated designs, it may take up to 18 months. Phison continuously validates the ASIC design using a field programmable gate array (FPGA) environment together with full production firmware before tape-out. In most cases we go to market with the first silicon. After reviewing your company’s needs we’ll be able to provide a specific timeline.

What are the advantages of Phison’s design services?

  • Industry-leading technology, competitive products and proven execution
  • Collaborative resource sharing between our extensive labs and broad range of IP
  • Low-risk product introduction for fast time to market and ongoing reliability testing

Can you share some examples of the types of customization that you offer?

Examples of ASIC customization include:
  • PCIe features
  • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) PF and VF
  • Low power and clock tree optimization
  • Security
  • ECC engine
  • Compliance
  • Interoperability
  • Design for debug

Examples of firmware customization include:
  • Workload/user experience optimization
  • Thermal throttling behavior
  • Low power optimization
  • Security
  • Endurance and retention
  • Vendor-unique commands
  • Product and model number

What kind of files or reference information does Phison provide for IP licensing?

  • User manual
  • Behavior model and register transfer level (RTL) codes
  • Post-layout netlist
  • Standard delay format (SDF)
  • Library (LIB)
  • Frame view (LEF)
  • Test patterns
  • Other relevant documents as needed

How do I get started with the IMAGIN+ program?

It’s very simple! Please contact us at the links below:
  1. Tell us your desired product concept
  2. We will provide a quick estimate of timeline and costs
  3. Document the scope of work and execution