The unique needs of the embedded storage industry, with its diverse applications and highly valuable data require:





Phison Provides Reliable Products for Industrial and Mission-Critical Systems



Phison drives innovation in the development of smart automotive applications, such as connectivity and telematics, in-vehicle infotainment, autonomous driving, cockpit displays and advanced driver assistance systems.

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Edge Server and Computing


As edge devices allow data to be processed as close to the data source as possible, Phison edge storage solutions offer speed, reliability and consistency.

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Factory Automation


Today’s smart factories employ a wide range of automation applications, which require reliable storage and fast access to data. Phison storage solutions help factories better protect workers, boost efficiency and free people from monotonous tasks to focus on more rewarding work.



Phison data storage solutions enable today’s smart, portable and wearable healthcare devices. They provide reliable, efficient access to patient data to help caregivers make informed decisions and deliver quality care.



Video surveillance is critical in many industries, from transport and logistics to public safety to educationl and entertainment. Data storage solutions from Phison support surveillance with features that include power loss protection, ruggedized form factors and high endurance for longtime use in a range of environments.

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Aerospace & Defense


In aerospace and defense applications, data storage needs to handle environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and dust. Phison’s rugged solutions are built to withstand the elements and provide military-grade security to protect sensitive data.



SSDs are a critical component in every type of space vehicle and machine. They deliver the high performance, low power consumption, durability and data integrity that space requires. Phison provides advanced SSDs and other data storage solutions for innovative space projects of today—and tomorrow.

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Retail Machines & Entertainment Equipment


Kiosks/Digital Signage

Redefine retail and entertainment experiences and delight consumers with secure Phison storage solutions for self-service, kiosk, digital signage and gaming applications.

Multi-Function Printers

Modern printers offer a wide range of services, from scanning and faxing to copying and email. Phison storage solutions for multi-function printers deliver consistent performance, durability and robust security to protect sensitive data.

Gaming and Casino Machines

To engage users, gaming machines need consistent high performance and seamless interactive technology. Phison embedded solutions meet a wide range of specific requirements around performance, availability, security and product lifetimes.