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SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – August 5, 2019 – As the first and only company shipping PCIe® Gen4x4 NVMe SSD solutions, Phison Electronics is the industry leader in enabling high-performance computing for bandwidth-hungry applications.  In developing these solutions, Phison is ushering in a new era for applications expected to meet the demand for increasingly faster and higher-definition digital experiences.

The PCIe 4.0 standard offers double the data transfer rate over the prior PCIe 3.0 version. The increased data transfer rate, signal reliability and integrity of PCIe Gen4 enables technology solutions providers with the ability to deliver greater performance, additional flexibility and lower latency to a multitude of applications, including PC, gaming, mobile, storage and networking.

“There is continued pressure in the industry to improve the performance of computing systems to support the applications that end users are most interested in. PCIe 4.0 offers manufacturers a way to meet these consumer demands,” said Chris Kilburn, corporate vice president and general manager, Client Channel, AMD. “AMD is delighted to work with Phison to raise the bar by introducing first-to-market solutions. Through sound engineering and design, we are working together to deliver the experiences our customers demand.”

According to CEO and Co-Founder of Liqid, Sumit Puri, “PCIe Gen4 will unleash the performance capabilities required for next generation data centric applications, including artificial intelligence and 5G edge computing. The LQD4500 provides 32TB of capacity and a PCIe Gen4x16 interface that enables over 24GB/s of throughput and 4 million IOPS. This impressive performance is only possible by aggregating multiple Phison E16 NVMe controllers into a single device. The Phison E16 provides industry leading performance, capacity and NVMe features required to build the PCIe Gen4 enabled data center of the future.  Liqid is excited that the Phison E16 is now powering the fastest storage in the world, the LQD4500.”

Phison’s first-to-market position in this emerging space is due to the company’s decades of experience in memory technology, excellence in engineering and innovation in flash memory products.  Whereas others have yet to debut their Gen4 solutions, Phison has developed a package of products to address multiple sockets within the consumer space.

Among its portfolio of PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe products currently available or planned for release within the next year are:

•    PS5016-E16 – a high-end controller that can easily reach speeds of 5GB/s sequential reads and 4.4GB/s sequential writes – the fastest sequential reads and writes for a single M.2 SSD
•    PS5019-E19T – offering low power controllers for mainstream drives, delivering best-in-class power savings and reducing cooling needs in data centers for all-day computing (Available 4Q 2019)
•    PS5018-E18 – builds on the success of E16 to deliver even higher levels of performance with speeds of 7GB/s reads and writes (Available 2Q 2020) in advanced 12nm process node.

The entire portfolio of Phison PCIe Gen4 solutions is designed for quality by providing end-to-end data path protection, dynamic SLC cache support and integrated security support for the latest encryption standards.

Phison PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe controllers are currently shipping in a number of technology partners’ products, enabling them to differentiate their own best-in-class solutions.  These solutions provide users with advances in 8K high-definition gaming capabilities, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and others.

“After several years since the announcement of the standard, the era of PCIe 4.0 solutions is upon us and Phison is at the forefront of this movement with our portfolio of Gen4x4 solutions,” said K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics.  “We pride ourselves with our long history of innovation supporting emerging technologies.  From doubling transfer rates, to improving power consumption to increasing performance, Phison-based SSD solutions allow our integration partners to deliver the next-generation PC, gaming and storage systems needed to satisfy increasing consumer demand.”

Phison is showcasing its lineup of PCIe Gen4 SSD solutions, including the public debut of its E19 controller, at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS), August 6-8 in Booth No. 219 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.  The booth will also host demonstrations of Phison-empowered solutions from technology partners Liqid and Cigent.

To schedule a time to meet with company representatives, interested parties can contact Michael Wu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – July 31, 2019 – Phison Electronics, the industry leader in flash controller and NAND solutions, today announced that it will be showcasing its lineup of PCIe Gen4 SSD solutions, including the public debut of its power-conscious PS5019-E19T controller, at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS), August 6-8  in Booth No. 219 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

As the first-and-only company ready with PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD solutions, Phison will demonstrate how its controllers push the boundaries of low power consumption and high performance for storage.  Shown publicly for the first time will be Phison’s E19T controller, which offers low power consciousness for mainstream drives, and delivers best-in-class power savings and reduces cooling needs in data centers.  Attendees will also see Phison’s recently released high-end PS5016-E16 controller, which independent third-party testing has confirmed speeds of 5GB/s sequential reads and 4.4GB/s sequential writes.  Additionally, Phison is offering a preview of the company’s next-generation Gen4x4 PS5018-E18 controller, an optimized design that better leverages the high-performance advantages provided by the PCIe 4.0 interface, further extending the company’s performance leadership in Gen4 SSDs.

The company will also be showcasing for the first time its PS5013-E13T 1113 BGA SSD at FMS.  It delivers all the advantages of flash technologies in the ultra-thin and ultra-compact 1113 BGA form factor. The E13T BGA SSD can reach up to 1.7GB/s sequential read, and 1.1GB/s sequential write, saturating the PCIe Gen 3x2 host interface using only 1.5W. With a power profile configurable to meet various application needs, the E13T BGA SSD will prolong the battery life of any embedded solution.

Phison’s booth will host demonstrations from technology partners Liqid and Cigent Technology Inc.  Powered by Phison’s E16 controller, Liqid’s industry-leading, ultra-high performance Gen4 NVMe, full-height, full-length add-in card model LQD4500 capable of 5 million IOPs and 24GB/s, will be showcased for attendees.  Liqid’s add-in card LQD4500 is available in capacities of up to 32TB.  Cigent will be demonstrating its Dynamic Data Defense Engine (D3E™) for Windows 10 that, when paired with Phison E12-based SSD, helps consumers, businesses and government agencies prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data when a system has been compromised.  The Phison E12 allows D3E to support "on the fly" firmware-based folder locking that can only be accessed with a step-up authentication when the threat level is elevated.

In addition to its not-to-be-missed exhibition of industry-leading solutions, Phison’s engineering and executive leadership has been invited to present their expertise at a number of panels and sessions during FMS, including:

•    Designing SSD Storage Systems for Low Latency without Large Outliers (August 6 at 3:40 p.m.)
•    Advanced Countermeasures: Integrating SDDs into Cyber-Security Defense (August 6 at 4:55 p.m.)
•    Error Handling Technologies for QLC-Based Storage (August 7 at 8:30 a.m.)
•    NMVe Gen-4 Thermal Management: Too Hot to Touch (August 7 at 3:20 p.m.)
•    Applying NVMe BGA in Embedded and Mobile Applications (August 7 at 3:20 p.m.)

“Whether in the audience at one of our speaker presentations or stopping by our booth for a demonstration of our next-generation technologies, FMS attendees will have an excellent opportunity to learn how Phison is leading the way in delivering high performance solutions that meet the ever-increasing needs of the data storage market,” said K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics.  “FMS is the ideal setting for us to demonstrate this leadership, as well as the perfect venue to publicly show our E19 for the first time.  We look forward to a great show.”

FMS is the world’s premier flash memory conference and exposition.  Now in its 14th year, FMS features the latest technology trends, the most innovative products, and the broadest coverage of this rapidly expanding market with demonstrations, speaking engagements and panels covering the latest storage technologies, such as NVMe, NVMe-oF, persistent memory, computational storage, 3D flash, 3D XPoint, neuromorphic computing, and new non-volatile memory.  Additional information about the event is available at

Phison will be hosting private meetings in the Silicon Valley Room at Techmart Center.  To schedule a time to meet with company representatives, interested parties can contact Michael Wu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Phison Electronics (8299.TW), industry leader in flash controller and NAND solutions, releases the world’s first PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD solution.  Paired with the release of the 3rd Gen AMD RyzenTM, the first processor that is PCI-Express® 4.0 Ready, Phison’s PS5016-E16 (E16) pushes new performance records for storage.  With the 3rd Gen AMD RyzenTM processor providing up to 2x more bandwidth for storage, Phison’s E16 reaches speeds of 5GB/s sequential reads and 4.4GB/s sequential writes.  

With the next evolution of the PCI-Express interface ready for release, Phison will be the first and only company ready with a PCIe Gen 4x4 NVMe SSD solution.  The E16 is the result of Phison’s decades of experience in memory technology, excellence in engineering, and innovation in flash memory products.  Enabling the latest 96-layer 3D TLC NAND flash, the E16-based solutions offer capacities up to 2TB.

Fully compliant with PCI-Express 4.0, with throughput of 7.88 GB/s, the E16 can easily reach speeds of 5GB/s sequential reads and 4.4GB/s sequential writes, the fastest sequential reads and writes for a single M.2 SSD.  It provides a 42% increase in sequential reads and 31% increase in sequential writes over the fastest Gen 3x4 SSD solution in the market.

“We are very excited about the release of the 3rd generation of AMD Ryzen processors,” said K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics.  “With PCIe Gen4 launching with the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processor, we know that our E16 based solutions will be the best choice for storage on the AMD Ryzen 3000-Series Platforms.”

Chandler, AZ – July 24, 2019Everspin Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: MRAM), the world's leading developer and manufacturer of Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) persistent memory solutions, announced Phison Electronics Corp. will provide native support for Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM memory in its next generation enterprise SSD controller lineup. Phison controllers with Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM enable storage system designers to increase the reliability and performance of systems where high-performance data persistence is critical. This is accomplished by delivering protection against power loss without the use of supercapacitors or batteries.

Phison is a market leader in NAND flash controllers, shipping more than 600 million controllers annually and rapidly demonstrating its capabilities and position at the forefront of enterprise-class technology. Phison controllers with the Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM part offer storage system designers more effective management of I/O streams, creating a higher degree of latency determinism. It also allows storage OEMs to significantly improve quality of service.

“As enterprise SSD manufacturers seek smaller form factors and increased performance, STT-MRAM delivers high-speed, non-volatile write buffer which enables higher performance and storage density” said Rizwan Ahmed, Everspin Vice President of Marketing. “By partnering with Phison, we’re bringing our 1 Gb STT-MRAM technology to next-generation enterprise SSD controllers.”

 “Adding native support for Everspin’s 1 Gb  STT-MRAM to our controllers enables our hyperscale and enterprise OEM customers to increase performance, reduce latency and dramatically improve quality of service,” said CS Ma, Phison CTO. “Everspin’s STT-MRAM is the best solution available for SSD designers to optimize footprint, performance, endurance, and reliability.”

Everspin and Phison will be hosting a technical session at the Flash Memory Summit conference in Santa Clara, California (Aug 6-8) to provide insights on MRAM use-cases in enterprise applications. Everspin will also be delivering the opening Keynote at the MRAM Developer Day on Aug 5th to kick off the combined MRAM/FMS conferences, as well as other technical sessions and panels at both events. Visit Everspin at Booth #319, Phison at Booth #219.

Computex, the world-famous Taipei International Computer Show, opens on May 28th 2019. One of the major themes this year is “Gaming” and the introduction of PCIe® 4.0 is generating a lot of excitement. PHISON Electronics (TPEX: 8299), the world-wide leader in SSD storage, proudly announces the arrival of the first PCIe 4.0 SSD. The PS5016-E16 is fully aligned with AMD X570 chipset motherboards. The improved performance and reduced latencies of PCIe 4.0 enabled solution will bring enhanced realism to the gaming world.

“3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors and AMD X570 motherboards for socket AM4 create the world’s first PC platform to support PCIe 4.0 connectivity”, said Chris Kilburn, corporate vice president and general manager, Client Channel, AMD. “We are delighted to be working with PHISON to lead the ecosystem of advanced PCIe 4.0 technologies.”

K.S. Pua, Chairman and CEO of PHISON, said “Working with AMD has enabled rapid innovation and expansion of the PCIe 4.0 ecosystem. The PS5016-E16 is the world’s first Gen4x4 NVMe SSD controller IC. When combined with AMD X570 motherboards, this storage solution is ready to meet the high bandwidth requirement of 8K HD gaming.”

PS5016-E16 controller IC is PHISON’s latest flagship SSD solution and the only PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD controller chip in the consumer application market. Based on the 28nm process node and using PHISON’s fourth-generation LDPC ECC engine, the PHISON PS5016-E16 controller IC can push flash memory to new levels. It is expected to start sampling and begin mass production from this quarter.

The motherboards that participate in and support AMD's first wave of PCIe 4.0 ecosystem include ASRock X570 Taichi and X570 Phantom Gaming X MB products, CORSAIR Force Series MP600 Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME and MASTER series MB products and AORUS NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD series products, GALAX HOF Pro PCIe M.2 SSD products, and MSI X570 Series MB products, which are expected to bring a wave of heated discussions in Computex. PHISON will also continue to work closely with AMD and motherboard manufacturers and branded SSD partners to promote PCIe 4.0 applications and drive next-generation storage solutions.

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Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX:8299) is a global leader in NAND Flash controller IC and storage solutions. We provide a variety of services from controller design, system integration, IP licensing to total turnkey solutions, covering applications across SSD (PCIe/SATA/PATA), eMMC, UFS, SD and USB interfaces, reaching out to consumer, industrial and enterprise markets. As an active member of industry associations, Phison is on the Board of Directors for SDA, ONFI, UFSA and a contributor for JEDEC, PCI-SIG, MIPI, NVMe and IEEE-SA.


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