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  • The total investment of new building is nearly NT$1.4bn.
  • The new building will increase 13,000 Taiwan space ping (roughly equals to 39,000 square meter).
  • Estimated 1,500 to 2,000 engineers can be increased after finishing new building.
  • R&D center, inventory management, and parking space will be the main functions for the new building.
  • The new building is expected to start operation in early 2022.

PHISON (TWSE: 8299) today held its new building groundbreaking ceremony on 30th March 2020, located in Zhunan town, Miaoli county. The total investment of new building construction is nearly NT$1.4bn, and the new building is expected to increase more than 13,000 in Taiwan space ping (roughly equals to 39,000 square meter), mainly utilized for parking space (2 floors basement) and for R&D center and inventory management (7 floors above ground). The new building construction is also planned to finish by end of December 2021, and start to operate in early 2022. Furthermore, the new building is estimated to increase 1,500 to 2,000 engineers to continuously maintain PHISON’s leadership as the largest independent NAND controller IC design house globally.

Started from 2007, PHISON gradually purchased lands of Guangyuan Science Park in Zhunan town, Miaoli county, for corporate operation and R&D center use. Until today, the total amount of purchased lands is more than 15,000 in Taiwan space ping (roughly equals to 49,500 square meter), which occupied nearly 10% of the land of Guangyuan Science Park. The built building space currently already reaches 20,000 Taiwan ping, and will increase up to 33,500 Taiwan ping after finishing new building, demonstrating PHISON’s strategic arrangement for future growth and resolution of investing Taiwan.

K.S. Pua, CEO and Chairman of PHISON, expressed during the ceremony speech that due to WuHan coronavirus (COVID-19) the ceremony was arranged as simple as possible to protect guests and employees’ health from coronavirus. Furthermore, PHISON now is simulating engineers to work from home by turns to minimize the impact from the coronavirus.

K.S. Pua also emphasized that the impact from coronavirus is basically postponing the end-application demands instead of disappearing. Moreover, the coronavirus-caused telework (work from home) situation directly stimulates the demands for cloud servers, video surveillance systems, online shopping, and high-end gaming markets. Additionally, 5G technology is expected to drive growth of NAND-storage-related applications such as networking infrastructure, edge computing, and autonomous vehicle, etc., according to various market intelligence firms. It is remained positive for 2020 prospects.


PHISON’s No.5 New Building Groundbreaking Ceremony @ YouTube


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