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The NAND Flash industry has experienced the turmoil and the impact of COVID in 2020. PHISON (8299TT) not only delivered good operating results in 2020, but also continued to build an affiliated parking space building, expanding the recruitment of R&D talents, to follow this wave of growth in 2021.

The affiliated parking space building held a groundbreaking ceremony today (1/9), adding some highlights to this wave of COVID-19 haze. In addition, the fifth phase of the new building, which held groundbreaking on March 30, 2020, will also hold the beam-raising ceremony today. It is expected that the fifth phase new building to be completed and opened before the end of 2021 this year.

Continuing the planning of the fifth phase of the new building area, the affiliated parking space was built into a building with two underground floors and a ninth floor above the ground. The total investment amount exceeded NT$820 million. The total floor area is about 9,400 in Taiwanese ping space (=31074.52 square meters). It is planned to increase the use space of more than 1,000 people with corresponding parking area. It is expected that the affiliated parking space building to be completed and put into use before the end of the first half of 2022. The affiliated parking space building will realize the plan of having parking spaces for all employees of Phison, and it will also become a new welfare index for Zhunan Guangyuan Science Park where parking space is insufficient for a long time.

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Phison’s Affiliated Parking Space Building

In addition, the construction of the fifth phase of the new building has also entered the stage of beam-raising, where the whole building is expected to be completed before the end of 2021 this year. The fifth phase of the new building will increase the use of 13,000 in Taiwanese ping space (=42975.4 square meters), and it is estimated that 1,500 to 2,000 R&D engineers will be increased to continue to maintain Phison’s leading position as the world’s largest independent flash controller R&D center. If add the affiliated parking space building, the total used floor space will exceed 42,900 in Taiwanese ping space (=141818.82 square meters). This shows that Phison will not only continue to plan for the next growth momentum, but also declare the determination to continue to increase investment in Taiwan for sustainable operations.

Beam-Raising Ceremony of Phison’s Fifth Phase New Building

In his speech, K.S. Pua, Chairman and CEO of Phison, said that due to the impact of the COVID epidemic, the beam-raising and groundbreaking ceremony were held in a simple manner. In addition to inviting Miaoli County Deputy Mayor Kuei-Chu Teng/鄧桂菊, Taoyuan Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng/鄭文燦, legislator Chih-Wei Chiu/邱志偉, Miaoli County Assembly Speaker Tung-Chin Chung/鍾東錦, and Miaoli County Police Chief Chun-Neng Weng/翁群能, the rest of the participants are basically Phison colleagues, hoping to reduce the chance of cluster infection of COVID by simplifying the ceremony and respond to the government's epidemic prevention measures.

K.S.Pua also emphasized that the epidemic has fundamentally changed the patterns of life and work around the world. The public has gradually become accustomed to the "New Normal" patterns such as remote work, video conferencing, and remote teaching; and "New Normal" lifestyle also continues to stimulate demand for cloud service applications, online video services, mobile devices, and gaming e-sports. These are the NAND storage application areas that Phison has continued to deploy in past years, and the main reason of why Phison continues to expand its R&D capabilities.

The average cost of constructing the affiliated parking space building is about NT$800,000 per parking space. In addition to solving the problem of illegal parking on the roadside caused by the lack of long-term parking spaces in the Guangyuan Science Park in Miaoli, it also hopes that all of Phison’s employee have a parking space, creating a new indicator of a happy enterprise.

K.S.Pua, Chairman and CEO of Phison Electronics, delivered a speech at the #5 new building beam-raising and groundbreaking of affiliated parking space ceremony


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