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5G technology drives the growth momentum of the NAND storage industry, and Phison will continue to increase investment in Taiwan and R&D 

Phison Electronics held the phase 5 of the new R&D building opening and affiliated parking tower beam-raising ceremony today (11/21, Taiwan). The increased R&D capacity can grasp the trend of unlimited demand for NAND storage in edge and cloud systems driven by 5G wireless technology, including industrial automation, automotive electronics, e-sports equipment, mobile devices, cloud servers, and data centers markets. In addition, Phison also announced at the ceremony that it will continue to invest more in Taiwan in addition to the existing corporate headquarters and R&D buildings (Phison has invested more than NT$3 billion in R&D buildings in Phases 1 to 5 so far), and continue to increase Taiwan's R&D capacity and build a flagship R&D team for NAND controllers and storage solutions globally.

Opening Ceremony of Phison's New R&D Building

The total investment of the phase 5 R&D building is nearly NT$1.5 billion, with a total construction area of more than 42975 square meters and a total of 9 floors. It is a composite R&D building integrating R&D center, inventory management, and parking space. It is estimated that the new building can add another 1,500 to 2,000 R&D engineers to meet the continuously growing NAND storage market demand. In addition, the affiliated parking tower has a total investment of more than NT$830 million, with a total construction area of more than 31,074 square meters, and a total of 11 floors. It is expected that more than 1,000 parking spaces can be increased; this parking tower will not only realize that everyone in Phison has a parking space, but will also become a new welfare index for Miaoli Jhunan Guangyuan Science Park (竹南廣源科學園區). 

Phison Electronics K.S.Pua stated in his speech that although the epidemic has slowed recently, Phison still abides by relevant epidemic prevention measures to simplify the ceremony. In addition to inviting Zinan Temple chairman Mr. CHUANG, CHIU-AN (莊秋安), Miaoli County Mayor Mr. HSU, YUEH-CHANG (徐耀昌), Taipei Mayor Mr. KO, WEN-CHE (柯文哲), Miaoli County Council Speaker Mr. CHUNG, TUNG-CHIN (鐘東錦), member of the Legislative Yuan Mr. CHIU, CHIH-WEI (邱志偉) and Ms. TSAI, PI-JU (蔡璧如) and Ms. KAO, HUNG-AN (高虹安), The Allied Association for Science Park Industries and KYEC chairman Mr. LI,CHIN-KUNG (李金恭), Chipbond chairman WU,FEI-CHIEN (吳非艱), OSE chairman Mr. TUNG,YUEH-MING (董悅明), etc., and the rest of the participants are basically Phison colleagues; Phison hopes to reduce the chance of cluster infection of COVID-19 by simplifying the ceremony and respond to the government's epidemic prevention measures. 

K.S.Pua went on to explain that, according to CommonWealth Magazine's evaluation in 2021, Phison is already among the top four IC design companies in Taiwan. Phison currently has more than 3,000 employees worldwide, 70% of whom are R&D engineers. Since its establishment, the cumulative R&D investment has reached NT$39.2 billion. Moreover, as the demand for NAND storage driven by 5G wireless technology continues to rise, Phison’s global customers’ needs are coming one after another. Therefore, Phison will continue to invest more in Taiwan and deepen its research and development. In addition, it is estimated that by 2025, the number of global R&D engineers will exceed 3,000, creating an international-level NAND controller R&D flagship team, letting the world to see Taiwan’s technology.

Speech by Phison K.S. Pua

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