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New X Series SSD Controllers And Retimer PS7201 Reinforces Phison Is At The Forefront Of The PCIe Gen5 Evolution

San Jose, Calif. January 4, 2023Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX: 8299), a global leader in NAND flash controller and storage solutions, today is demonstrating the company’s latest PCIe Gen5 innovation that is transcending system-level performance to new heights at CES in Las Vegas. Phison is demonstrating the E26 with Phison’s proprietary I/O+ Technology to usher a new evolution of gaming experiences. For enterprise, Phison is previewing the company’s latest Gen5 X Series SSD enterprise controllers, which can provide twice the performance per watt (in comparison to X1, the previous generation). Following the success of the world’s first PCI-SIG Association certified PCIe 5.0 Redriver PS7101, Phison is also introducing the PS7201 Retimer with industry-proven IP. Phison’s Retimer is designed to solve performance and data integrity issues in enterprise and automotive applications and further enhances the Gen5 ecosystem.

“Phison is ecstatic to be ringing in the new year by showcasing our product milestones for the industry, our partners and enterprise customers because we are committed and dedicated to engineering next generation technologies through ecosystem excellence,” said Michael Wu, GM & President of Phison Technology Inc. (USA). “As a proven category leader, Phison’s E26 with I/O+ Technology, latest Enterprise PCIe Gen5 X Series, signal enhancing Redriver and Retimer are product breakthroughs that are a testament to our engineering success.”

Phison’s CES 2023 Product Lineup Includes:

  • E26 with I/O+ Technology is Phison’s first flagship Gen5 SSD solution. With an emphasis on doubling the bandwidth and improving latency by 30% of its predecessor PCIe Gen4, PCIe Gen5 E26 enables new experiences and possibilities for gaming and digital content creation. Paired with the latest I/O+ Technology for enhanced sustained workloads, E26 is transcending performance levels to new heights. Visit E26 partner
  • Phison’s Enterprise PCIe Gen5 X Series SSD controllers are ushering a new wave of performance, which is double of the previous PCIe Gen4. The latest Gen5 X Series X2 controller suprasses 14GB/s sequential and 3.2 million IOPS random performance. In addition, XDC provides a new level of power efficiency.
  • The PS7201 Retimer retransmits crisp, new signals over long PCIe Gen5 cable lengths that are typical between server nodes and rack storage enclosures, or between automotive computing systems. The PS7201 features a full 16 lanes that can be bifurcated and extends reach by 42dB at 16GHz. The PS7201 has fast performance with latency modes <5ns. CXL™ 0 architectures will also benefit from the PS7201 with its fully compliant capabilities.
  • The PS7101 Redriver solves signal loss problems on the motherboard that are common at PCIe Gen5 speeds. The PS7101 Redriver is the world’s-first PCI-SIG Association Certified PCIe 5.0, has been lauded by leading motherboard manufacturers, and shipped millions of units in 2022.

“As PCIe Gen5 continues to evolve, vision, originality and expertise  are required to develop solutions that solve complex industry challenges,” said Jeff Janukowicz, Research Vice President at IDC.  “With this new controller demonstration, Phison continues to deliver silicon innovation and system-level solutions that make a difference and positively impact the overall SSD ecosystem.”

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Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX:8299) is a global leader in NAND Flash controller IC and storage solutions. We provide a variety of services from controller design, system integration, IP licensing to total turnkey solutions, covering applications across SSD (PCIe/SATA/PATA), eMMC, UFS, SD and USB interfaces, reaching out to consumer, industrial and enterprise markets. As an active member of industry associations, Phison is on the Board of Directors for SDA, ONFI, UFSA and a contributor for JEDEC, PCI-SIG, MIPI, NVMe.


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