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Phison Unveil at CES 2017 The Next Generation of NAND Flash Controllers

Las Vegas, NV – January 5th, 2017

Phison Electronics (8299.TW), a worldwide industry leader in flash controller and NAND solutions, kicks off the new year with its showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, displaying its latest and greatest technologies for SSD, USB, SD, and UFS solutions. Invited attendees can find Phison at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace in a demo suite exhibiting the company’s industry-leading product portfolio.

Phison will be unveiling at CES 2017 a new PCIe Gen 3x2 NVMe controller, the PS5008. This controller provides incredible performance, nearly three times that of SATA, but delivered at a competitive price point, highlighting Phison’s endeavor to bring PCIe SSDs into mainstream adoption.

For enterprise applications, Phison has partnered with Liqid Inc. to enable the world’s fastest U.2 SSD, utilizing the ultra-high speed PCIe Gen3x4 PS5007-E7, Phison’s powerful 8-channel NVMe controller. Additionally, Phison is driving forward as a market leader to address the explosive demands of cloud storage with its SATA S10DC enterprise solution (announced at Flash Memory Sumit 2016). Two other top-performing SATA controllers, the PS3110-S10 and PS3111-S11T, are also on display.

This year for microSD and SD cards, Phison introduces the latest SD5.1 A1 compliant controller, the PS8131. With more than twice the write IOPS of the previous generation the PS8131 MaxIOPS+ offers absolute superiority, targeting high densities based on 3D TLC NAND flash. With 2000/1300 read/write IOPS, PS8131 clearly exceeds the requirements of the SD5.1 A1 industry standard for read/write performance. Scheduled for MP in Q1 of 2017, the PS8131 readily meets the increasing storage and performance demands of the mobile market. Users can be confident in the compatibility and performance of their microSD in high-demand applications such as adoptable storage in Android operating system.

Following Phison’s latest press announcement, the new PS8311 UFS 2.1 controller will also be on display on the suite’s show floor. The PS8311 is equipped with StrongECCTM technology and CoXProcessorTM architecture, providing low-power and SSD-like performance to mobile devices. As one of the first companies in the world to shift from eMMC into UFS, Phison drives the new era of mobile storage.

Finally, attendees can witness Phison’s newest portable SSD, the SU31. With a live performance demo, attendees can view the superior speeds of the SU31 versus that of an internal SSD. Also on display will be the new iDUO Lightning and C-Thru solutions, providing both storage and power to your devices. These solutions support USB 3.1 that offer charging power to USB-C or Lightning smartphones and tablets. Users can comfortably access their files while concurrently utilizing the port for power.

Attendees can find Phison at Las Vegas’s Caesar’s Palace in the Forum Tower on January 5th- 8th.

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