Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  2 Date of announcement  2021/11/29 Time of announcement  17:54:27
 Announcement that Phisons application for
extension of the first domestic unsecured convertible
corporate bond issuance period has been approved by FSC
Date of events   2021/11/29 To which item it meets paragraph 53
1.Date of occurrence of the event:2021/11/29
2.Company name:Phison Electronics Corporation
3.Relationship to the Company (please enter head office or
  subsidiaries):head office.
4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios:Not applicable.
5.Cause of occurrence:
(1)Phison applied to the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) to extend
 the company's first domestic unsecured convertible corporate bond
fundraising period of 3 months to March 8, 2022. It was approved by the FSC
 issued on November 26, 2021, No. 1100376139 letter.
(2)The recent domestic capital market conditions have changed. The company
 has applied for an extension of the fundraising period of three months to
March 8, 2022 after considering its internal operations, in order to seek
the most appropriate time for issuance and safeguard the company's best
interests and shareholders' rights.
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:No.