Material Information (8299 Phison)
SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2022/05/24 Time of announcement  14:31:27
 Announcement of the major resolutions of Phison
2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Date of events   2022/05/24 To which item it meets paragraph 18
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting:2022/05/24
2.Important resolutions  I.Profit distribution/deficit compensation:Passed
 the Company's 2021 profit distribution.
3.Important resolutions II.Amendments of the company charter:Passed the
amendment to part of the Articles of Association of the Company.
4.Important resolutions III.Business report and financial statements:Passed
 the Company's 2021 Business Report and Financial Statements.
5.Important resolutions IV.Election for directors and supervisors:Proposal
of by-election of one director of the Company.
Cheng Shuo Investment Limited RepresentativeG Chih Jen Hsu
6.Important resolutions V.Other matters:
(1)Passed the Company's private placement of common shares.
(2)Passed the amendment to part of the Rules of Procedure for
Shareholders' Meeting of the Company.
(3)Passed the amendment to part of the Procedures for Acquisition or
Disposal of Assets, Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties,
Procedures for Endorsement and Guarantee of the Company.
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:No.