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Company Culture

Phison is more than just a place to work. We’re a vibrant, inclusive group of people who enjoy building relationships and taking active part in our communities. Phison employees work hard, but we make sure to play hard, too.

In addition to promoting a healthy work-life balance, Phison organizes a range of fun activities throughout the year for employees and their families.

  • Diversified Activities
  • Work-life Balance
  • Convenient Life
  • Our People

  • Diversified Activities

    Phison cares for all employees along with their family members by organizing various leisure activities annually to enhance the fellowship and enrich their family life.

    • Charity Run

      Every Phison charity run draws more than 1,000 attendees, including Phison employees and their famlies. Participants pick up litter along the road while they run, and Phison also raises funds for philanthropy throughout the event – which allows our employees to contribute to their communities in a fun way.

    • DIY Craft Projects

      The Phison Welfare Committee plans multiple DIY craft projects throughout the year. We invite professional teachers to Phison to give our employees the opportunity to experience the fun and creativity of DIY projects.

    • Year-End Party

      Our year-end party is one of the most anticipated and memorable activities of the year, featuring different themes, exciting lotteries, employee talent show, and other entertainment.

    • Domino Competition

      This is an activity that focuses on teamwork, concentration and great communication and coordination among teams. It’s always an unforgettable and inspirational experience for every employee.

    • Employee Incentive Travel

      The Phison Welfare Committee provides travel subsidies to employees each year so they can have exciting experiences around the world and enjoy life outside of work.

    • Lecture Series

      Each year, the Welfare Committee invites celebrities and experts from all fields to share their experience in health and wellbeing, financial management and travel experiences – giving Phison employees insight into how to keep a positive attitude and achieve a true work-life balance.

    • Moon Festival BBQ

      In celebration of the Moon Festival each year, the Welfare Committee prepares a variety of food, drinks, fun and games for Phison employees to make the most of the day.

    • Relay Race

      Employees from each division team up to complete the 4000-meter relay. Each team represents the highest level of cooperation and team-building. It’s a fun day for everyone who participates.

    • Singing Competition

      The Welfare Committee invites professional singing instructors and live bands to put on the ultimate Phison singing extravaganza – from primary selection to training to final stage competition and crowning the winners.

  • Work-Life Balance

    Maintaining the physical and mental health of our employees – and providing a vital and thriving work environment – is an important Phison cornerstone. We aim to create a healthy and happy workplace through multifaceted healthcare and encourage employees to participate in community activities.

    • Golf Club

      Led by our general manager, Golf Club is composed of more than 20 employees. The spirit of the club is strengthening relationship between each team through golf playing.

    • Tennis Club

      Professional coach delivers lessons for Tennis Club every week at Jhunan sports park. This club aims at improving tennis skills of each member and cultivating a good sport culture.

    • Basketball Club

      Phison owns a basketball court for employees to play basketball just nearby and improve skills.

    • Table Football Club

      In addition to regular classes, table football club hosts competitions annually. Colleagues can swap their skills and enhance the relationship with each other during the games.

    • Softball Club

      Established in 2010, Softball Club is the frequent winner of all kinds of competitions in Hsinchu area. Members have built up a strong relationship through the battles accumulated in these years.

    • Badminton Club

      The club holds internal competition regularly and has lessons in professional indoor court weekly. Members can share their experiences and exercise with each other, and also forget their life troubles through the workout.

    • Hi-Low Aerobic Dance Club

      With simple moves like jogging and jumping along with some dance moves and music, members work out to enhance their cardiopulmonary function and build muscles and lines.

    • Volleyball Club

      The club delivers lessons at Phison’s basketball court every Wednesday and hosts volleyball competition annually. Club members grow steadily and have an excellent rapport with each other.



  • Convenient Life

    To make our employees’ lives easier while they’re at work, we provide an onsite employee restaurant, café, gym and CVS drugstore, as well as banking and insurance services. We also offer 2500 square feet of organic farm space that regularly distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to employees and even features times employees can pick their own produce. Other amenities include a juice bar, employee lounge and convenience store.

    • Health Facilities & Wellness Support

      At Phison headquarters, an infirmary featured with a full-sized, secure breastfeeding room is established in compliance with health and legal regulations. The breastfeeding room is prepared with isolated quadrants, designated fridges, sterilizers, and sanitation supplies. With full-time medical staff and availability of contracted physicians, the infirmary cares for the employees with comprehensive health monitoring plans, regular check-ups, as well as awareness promotions.

      In addition, the infirmary regularly coordinates massage sessions given by contracted, visually impaired therapists, to help employees unwind and get rejuvenated after and in between work.

    • Rooftop Recreation Zone

      On the rooftop of the Phison headquarters is a recreation zone filled with assorted athletic facilities, including two full-sized basketball courts, a running track, a compact driving range with a putting green, as well as a variety of outdoor fitness equipment. In addition, plenty of rest areas with a refreshing view of the skyline surround the facilities to make the Recreation Zone a perfect spot for Phisoners’ mini retreats both before and after work to relax and recharge.

    • Food Court

      A gourmet plaza with a dining area spanning over 3000 square meters of space is available at the Phison headquarters. The dining area embraces a loft-styled design, complemented by fair-faced concrete and solid wood for a vibrant ambiance. Within the gourmet plaza, diverse dining options await with renowned catering brands and alternating daily-featured pop-ups.

    • Lounge

      Wood-based decorative design makes the lounge full of warm atmosphere, seems like placing in a high-end café. It is the best place employees can relax and release their stress.

    • Convenience Store

      Not only selling daily commodities and snacks, the store provides services such as collections and payment transfer, parcels receiving…; With diverse of products, the store provides a more convenient working environment for employees.

    • Group Meals Service

      Qualified by government's HACCP health evaluation, the menu is specially designed for the employees. Offering meals with less oil, less salt and without MSG, Phison cares about employees’ nutrition; providing the healthiest meal to the staff.

    • Farm

      Phison owned organic farm, hiring professional farmers to assist in farming. Employees can enjoy seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits distributed by farm from time to time during a year.

    • Hand-made Pick

      Organic farm will open irregularly to employees during the good weather. Employees can experience vegetables and fruits hand-made picking, have fun and enjoy the time getting close to the earth.

    • Library

      Library purchase books and magazines regularly every year; employees can borrow the books for free. It's a place for employees can relax themselves and complement their food for thought.

    • Gym

      The Gym offers diverse of sports equipment and the facilities such as table football, ping-pong table and massage chairs. Employees can relax their body and mind through exercise during the break.

Career Development

Your career path is one of our top priorities.

We offer a variety of ways to gain new skills and expertise through job rotation and various project assignments. Phison wholeheartedly supports employees in acquiring new knowledge and technical expertise. We focus on building strong, rewarding career paths and provide employees many opportunities for growth.

We offer a variety of effective interactive programs designed to boost skills and awareness in many different areas.

Comprehensive Development

The company offers a variety of external, internal, and online training to supply its employees with channels of learning and self-development.


The company supplies its new employees with a rich library of training material and videos in combination with an organized mentoring and coaching system to help them get right on the track in the new environment.

Off-Site Training

Opportunities of fully subsidized off-site training are present to help the employees tackle specific needs for skills and expertise development.

In-House Training

On-the-job training per department needs to enhance employees’ professional skill.


Online learning platform with a rich library of training courses to allow flexible time management and proactive learning.


People are our most important assets.

We offer competitive benefits to attract, retain, motivate and reward hard-working employees.

Competitive Base Salary

  • Annual package including 12-month base salary

Bonus Program

  • Year-end bonus (Taiwan only)
  • Performance bonus
  • Patent bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Profit Sharing bonus

Competitive Salary Adjustment Program

  • Personal performance based

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Life
  • Financial
  • Law
  • Health

Flexible Bridge Holiday Program

  • Better than government’s regulation

Comprehensive Insurance & Retirement Programs

  • Labor insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Labor pension


  • Language courses
  • Marriage
  • Paternity
  • Bereavement
  • Festival
  • Birthday
  • Travel
  • Banquet
  • Scholarship
  • Annual Party

Senior Colleagues Program

  • Customized gift
  • Ceremony

*Please note: Benefits, career development packages and on-site amenities and activities may vary based on office location.