<small>The Future of Gaming</small>Starts with Phison

The Future of GamingStarts with Phison

CES 2022 January 5-8, Las Vegas

First in Class - Best in Performance

E26 PCIe Gen 5 client controller

Phison’s first PCIe Gen 5 solution uses our outstanding architecture as a customizable solution to balance power, unique features, and class-leading performance.
The E26 charges into the new year to meet the high demands from emerging workloads designed to take advantage of Gen 5 hardware.

“By helping to enable an ecosystem, Phison’s customizable E26 SSD is at the forefront of PCIe Gen 5 introductions and will facilitate data center customers looking to benefit from the technology's increased performance.”

Jeff Janukowicz, Research Vice President at IDC

All-Day Notebook Computing
with Gen 4 Performance

A PCIe Gen 4 user experience in a low power M.2 form factor

The E21T allows for all-day computing in a mobile environment while meeting the performance needs of gamers, office workers, and business travelers.

Next-Generation Leader
for NVMe Mobile Gaming

Coin-sized storage for smart devices

The new E21T BGA takes smart device storage to new heights with a 1.65mm Z-height and a massive 1TB capacity. This 11.5mm x 13mm package will power diverse workloads with the ability to make you a gaming champion.

NVMe Redefines Mobile Gaming

Phison's E13T BGA - first BGA SSD in a smartphone

NVMe is the performance leader in high-speed storage. Phison takes this technology to
every level of gaming to produce exceptional user experiences.

NVMe performance with moble efficiency.

The world's first gaming phone
enabled by Phison

Next Generation Game
Workload Demonstration

Storage will drive the user experience in next-gen gaming

Game developers will rely on NVMe storage to deliver a consistent data stream to the GPU in 2022. This model will come to market through DirectX 12 Ultimate® to reduce game load times and expand virtual worlds. Phison is leading in the development of this upcoming technology to meet the challenging requirements of both high performance and performance consistency.

Virtual Worlds Require Real Storage

PS8232 champions award-winning performance for wearables

The unique Phison PS8232 offers best-in-class energy efficiency for wearable devices, IoT, networking and all smart devices. Make your product line stand above the competition with a crushing user experience.

Introducing Phison's Most Advanced
High-Speed PCIe Gen 5 Redriver IC

PS7101 solves motherboard compatibility
problems caused by PCIe 5.0 high-speed interface

The redriver IC features high gain, high linearity and has an integrated I^2C with proprietary signal tuning software to ensure the best signal quality. It can automatically set different gain parameters in the redriver for the customer’s motherboard design and trace lengths, collect the results of the signal, and use AI technology to optimize and find the best parameters for the strongest transmission signals.

PCIe 5.0 Redriver
IC PS7101

Loss extension test results

Loss without PS7101
Loss with PS7101

Eye Height (EH)
Loss (dB)
EH Ratio