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SAN JOSE, CALIF., October 20, 2020 - Phison Electronics' (TPEX: 8299) Systems Integration and Engineering group (SIE) in Broomfield, Colorado, US will provide thorough real-time technical support and product-related services for enterprise SSD customers and partners in the region.  
The team excels in workload analysis, product customization, and creating purpose-built storage for a variety of applications.  In addition, the SIE group will reduce the time needed to qualify the go-to-market designs for Phison’s enterprise and data center customers while providing outstanding technical support.

The Systems Integration and Engineering group consists of industry experts with an average of 14 years of proven storage device experience. Their backgrounds range from firmware, controller design, and validation to product qualification and systems-level testing. The Colorado team and R&D lab are projected to grow its engineering staff in the coming months to meet the increasing demand for enterprise SSDs.

“On behalf of the Colorado Engineering team, we are excited to join this new chapter with Phison’s Enterprise SSD team,” said Tom Lenny, General Manager and Vice President of the Phison Enterprise SIE Group.  “Phison’s product strategy and customization support in Enterprise controllers and SSDs is highly competitive and leading in the industry.  We are proud to be joining the winning team and have big plans for future growth.”

“Many Enterprise SSD manufacturers have internal development teams to make their own storage controllers for their SSDs.  While this may be successful for specific products, over the long term there are time-to-market risks and operating expenses that can reach tens of millions of US dollars per ASIC.  Phison offers Enterprise SSD manufacturers an alternative to outsourcing the production of a controller or an entire turn-key SSD with customized firmware.  This enables the manufacturers to focus their internal engineering teams on their own strategic platforms that are critical to their future,” said Jim Handy, General Director of Objective Analysis.

“Colorado is one of the major storage industry centers in the United States. Some of the most prominent global companies in the storage and applications industry have a presence in Colorado. Investment in our engineers and R&D center there represents Phison’s commitment to supporting our OEM customers locally while maintaining technology leadership.  In addition, it reinforces Phison’s successful path in the enterprise storage market,” says K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics.

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Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX:8299) is a global leader in NAND Flash controller IC and storage solutions. We provide a variety of services from controller design, system integration, IP licensing to total turnkey solutions, covering applications across SSD (PCIe/SATA/PATA), eMMC, UFS, SD and USB interfaces, reaching out to consumer, industrial and enterprise markets. As an active member of industry associations, Phison is on the Board of Directors for SDA, ONFI, UFSA and a contributor for JEDEC, PCI-SIG, MIPI, NVMe.


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