PCIe Gen5 continues to push the limits for system-level performance. By doubling the bandwidth of PCIe Gen4, Phison enables new experiences and possibilities for gaming, digital content creation, high performance computing (HPC), and data centers. Phison is blazing the way with our PCIe Gen5 SSD controllers and signal enhancing tools.

First, Fast
and the Flagship
Phison's E26 Gen5 SSD Solution

A Gaming Experience that Will Blow Your Mind

Thanks to engineering excellence and dedicated partners, Phison's E26 is taking performance levels to new heights.
Paired with the latest I/O+ Technology, gamers will enjoy seamless and immersive experiences.

Phison's E26 with I/O+

The New Evolution of Gaming

Building the PCIe® 5.0 Ecosystem


Phison at the Forefront of the PCIe Gen5 Evolution

Phison's Signal Enhancing Solutions

With speeds that PCIe Gen5, Gen6 and subsequent interfaces have, the signal traveling a number of
centimeters on the motherboard trace from the CPU to the SSD may still experience signal loss.

Phison Retimer PS7201

Retimer features 16 lanes with bifurcation
and industry compiant with CXL 2.0 standards


  • Enables clear communication over long PCIe Gen5 and faster cable lengths
    typically between server nodes and rack storage enclosures
  • PS7201 featuring a full 16 lanes with PCIe Gen5 speeds
  • Industry compliance with CXL 2.0, Intel PCIe 5 Retimer standards
  • Link bifurcation supports 1x16, 2x8, 4x4, 8x2

Phison Redriver PS7101

Phison's most advanced high speed PCIe 5.0 Redriver IC

  • First to receive PCI-SIG Compliance for PCIe Gen5 Redrivers
  • PS7101 has 2-lanes (4CHs) with Mux/Demux function
  • Major motherboard manufacturer design-ins and millions of units shipped in 2022


  • Up to 20dB EQ boosting
  • Supports PCIe Gen5
  • Backwards compatible to PCIe Gen1 speeds
  • Phison's proprietary PHiTUNE s/w with AI determines optimal
    EQ settings greatly speeding up development times
  • Small 5mm x 8mm size enables more flexibility in motherboard layouts

The New Wave of PCIe Gen5 Enterprise
is Right Around the Corner

Phison X2 and XDC controller based SSDs will be coming to the market soon

X2 PCIe Gen5 NVMe Controller

Two times the performance
of its predecessor X1 PCIe Gen4

  • Sequential of up to 14 GB/s
  • Random perfromance of up to 3.5M IOPS

XDC PCIe Gen5 NVMe Controller

Designed with the best combination of
enabling performance and features sets
while positioned as value priced storage.
Making it deal for data center applications.