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All-new PCIe Gen5 experience
with broadened PCIe Gen4 outlook
Phison is introducing our first PCIe Gen5 flash controller solution along with DRAM-less PCIe Gen4 SSD solutions to open up flexibility for consumers heading into the future.
  • PS5026-E26
  • PS5027-E27T

  • Locked and Loaded
    The Future Is Here
    PCIe Gen5 client SSD controller
    With its unique architecture, Phison E26 unleashes unmatching Gen5 performance with a rich options for unique customizable storage features. As Phison’s state-of-the-art next-gen solution, E26 provides an immediate boost to help platforms meet demands from the most challenging applications.
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  • Limit-less with DRAM-less
    Upcoming PCIe Gen4 DRAM-less solution
    Phison's upcoming PCIe Gen 4 solution is bringing maxed-out Gen 4 speed in a DRAM-less design.

    Get ready for the solution with ultimate performance-cost ratio to win you
    every battle.
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Reinforcing high-level computation with storage design prowess
From booting, storage, to hefty computational workloads, Phison’s enterprise SSD solutions are meticulously planned and designed to address modern world server needs in enterprise and data center environments.

  • Boot Up The Next-Gen Server Evolution
    PCIe Gen4 data center SSD with E18DC
    Adapted from its mature consumer-line forerunner, PS5018-E18DC is Phison's earliest-launched PCIe Gen4 data center solution with adept latency control as well as extensive endurance considerations. Features such as power loss protection, security encryptions, and end-to-end data protection also combine to fortify its overall dependability.
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Device-level win with embedded storage excellence
Our all-new commercial mobile device storage solutions offer excellent energy savings at no expenses, significantly increasing device standby time and prolonging battery life.
  • PS8232 eMMC
  • PS8229 eMMC
  • P8317 UFS
  • PS8318 UFS
  • PS5021-E21T

  • Pinpoint Balance for Efficiency
    Power efficient mainstream eMMC
    PS8232 sits on a sweet spot delivering the best-in-class energy efficiency with competitive performance, making it an ideal data storage solution to service battery-powered and always-on devices for wearable, IoT, and networking use cases alike.
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  • eMMC at Its Finest
    Performance-driven eMMC
    PS8229 provides maximized performance while taking advantage of the simplicity of a mainstream eMMC interface. Be it on smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones or infotainment systems, no solution in class keeps data reliable and quickly accessible like it does the finest eMMC we have to offer.
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  • Sleek and Handy
    All-in-one package UFS 2.2
    PS8317 comes in a 11.5 x 13 mm package with saturating UFS 2.2 performance and superb power efficiency to provide thorough coverage for embedded application needs.
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  • UFS Unleashed
    Maxed-out performance UFS 3.1
    PS8318 comes with flexibility in capacity options up to massive 512GB along with its dominant performance and latency control to make the most out of the UFS 3.1 interface.
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  • Stay Nimble and Versatile
    Phison's first PCIe Gen4 BGA SSD
    PS5021-E21T BGA SSD is designed to be fitted effortlessly in compact desktop, laptop, and mobile device casings with its DRAM-less design in a 1.65mm Z-height package. The PCIe Gen4 solution with up to TB-scale deployment flexibility can be counted on for making agile adjustments to the most demanding gaming workloads.
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Responding to in-field challenges with Phison's best
Phison's industrial storage solution line-up is composed of customized variations of our most mature products
to stay versatile and responsive to mission critical environment needs.
  • PS3112-S12DI
  • PS3117-S17TI
  • PS5018-E18DI
  • PS5021-E21TI
  • MiM SD Series

  • Rock-Solid SATA
    Worth Your Trust
    Dependable industrial SATA SSD solution with flexible deployment options
    Built upon the long-trusted Phison S12 8-channel flash controller, PS3112-S12DI is the ultimate field upgrade for your deployed SATA storage with flexible capacity options up to 16TB as well as hardware-triggered, built-in power-loss protection.
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  • Impervious with
    Security and Savings
    Cost efficient DRAM-less SATA SSD
    for industrial-grade security
    PS3117-S17TI accommodates secure encryptions compliant to TCG Opal and AES encryption standards. Along with the powerful Phison 4th Gen LDPC and end-to-end data protection, PS3117-S17TI is the seamless DRAM-less solution for any SATA replacement with maxed-out value and reliability.
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  • Overpowering PCIe Gen4
    Highest performing industrial solution
    PS5018-E18DI is the absolute highest-performing industrial solution Phison has to offer as of 2022. With ceiling-touching sustained PCIe Gen4 performance, the high density solution is best suited for demanding edge computation and data logging storage. Mounted with state-of-the-art, wide-temperature-withstanding TLC NAND, PS5018-E18DI ensures zero reliability compromisation and security breaches while performing under the most rigorous environments.
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  • Breezy Smooth
    DRAM-less Experience
    Industrial-grade PCIe Gen4 DRAM-less SSD
    With its DRAM-less design under the PCIe Gen4 interface as well as persisting dedication to firmware refinement, PS5021-E21TI nearly eliminates the trade-off between high performance and low power consumption. Fitting to the needs of next-gen-ready applications that call for intensive computing under power- and thermal-sensitive environments, Phison's cutting-edge industrial SSD solution will assist in your pursuit for next-level in-field effiency.
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  • Stay Updated with
    Phison SD Cards
    MiM Series microSD with
    all-new firmware-refresh capability
    With the new FFU function, users can now conduct in-field firmware updates with selected Phison industrial grade memory card solutions at the earliest availability to stay up-to-date and ready-to-go.
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Boosting auto tech advancement with edge storage support
Phison is the world’s first fabless NAND controller IC design company to pass the ISO26262 standard for automotive functional safety development process. With the 2022 automotive storage portfolio harboring BGA SSD, eMMC, and UFS solutions all compliant to
AEC-Q100 standards, Phison is full-speed ahead tackling specific applications and usages in the automobile market.
  • MEM eMMC Series
  • MUM7 UFS Series

  • Get Your PCIe Tune-Up
    PCIe Gen3x2 DRAM-less BGA SSD
    for mainstream applications
    MPT1 Series is positioned as the perfect transitional solution to PCIe storage in mainstream automotive design. With entry-level PCIe Gen3x2 performance and low power consumption, the 11.5mm x 13mm BGA SSD is compliant with the AEC-Q100 grade 3 standards and ready to answer to the need for speedy data from modern automotive applications.
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  • Light and Speedy
    with Next-Gen BGA
    PCIe Gen4x4 DRAM-less BGA SSD
    for the most advanced applications
    The MPT5 BGA SSD, much like its consumer-line variant, is the go-to product for high-end application systems that are "Gen4-ready". With its DRAM-less design,
    the BGA SSD will exceed your expectation for power consumption reduction. In addition, With Phison's proprietary cross-temperature firmware algorithm, we guarantee superb NAND Flash reliability and data integrity even under severe temperature rise and falls.
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  • Ultimate Duo for the Pool
    MEM eMMC Series
    for low-density mainstream needs
    Phison's MEM series provides thorough coverage of in-vehicle applications designed with eMMC for data storage. No matter it is the market-proven MEM5 that has been widely adopted by worldwide automotive vendors and OEMs or the all-new MEMA that will tend for mainstream needs up to 128GB, Phison eMMCs are compliant with the industry-abided AEC-Q100 standards and ready to tackle IVI, ADAS, digital cockpit, and more applications.
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  • Powering Intelligent
    Driving Experience
    Best-in-class automotive UFS solutions
    MUM7 series is Phison's 2022 flagship UFS solution for automotive applications encapsulating an in-house 28nm controller IC with state-of-the-art TLC NAND flash. With SSD-like performance, MUM7 UFS gives an instant lift for high-end applications like integrated cockpit and IVI systems by breaking embedded storage throughput limits.
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Paving our own way for next-gen data transmission needs
Phison is introducing our brand new, comprehensive IC solution series,
including the world's first PCI-SIG certified PCIe 5.0 ReDriver IC PS7101,to facilitate high-speed on-board data transmissions.
With rich experience in IC design, Phison is self-sufficient on our path toward high-speed memory evolution.
  • Redriver Series
  • Retimer Series
  • PMIC Series

  • Overcoming the
    Gen5 Hurdle
    In-house redriver ICs
    with PHiTUNE proprietary software tool
    Phison's redriver ICs are high-gain, high-linearity components designed to improve high-frequency data transmission between on-board devices by counteracting against excess signal attenuation. Not only do Phison's redrivers benefit from reduced signal-reflective disturbances and enhanced heat sinking through the flip-chip packaging, the integrated I2C buses with proprietary signal tuning software allow simple configuration of the critical equalization (EQ) parameter to achieve optimal signal recovery.
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  • Gear Up for New Age of High Speed Transmission
    In-house retimer IC
    with extended reach
    Phison's retimer series are the next-level solution to signal attenuation over high speed transmissions beyond PCIe 5.0. With in-house developed PHY, Phison's retimers are built upon rich experience in PCIe device innovation. In addition, compliancy to the in-vogue CXL standards adds to the inter-component compatibility with high speed modules like CPUs and GPUs.
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  • Tackle Power Management the Phison Way
    In-house power management ICs for SSDs
    Phison's PMICs are designed and manufactured targeting modern world NAND Flash devices and controller needs. With our experience in ASIC and SSD module design/validation, our PMICs are built upon a rich base of real-world data and lesson-learnts to stand out as a key component in storage design success.
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