• Corporate Governance

Intellectual Property Management

In order to maintain the leading position in the industry of NAND flash technology and protect the R&D achievements, the IP Office has established a set of intellectual property management systems to follow the corporate governance policies of the administration, to handle patent disputes and to reduce risks of intellectual property rights. The system also incorporates the company’s operational strategies to implement company’s IP output, management and application.

Patent management:
The company mainly implements IP management by patent mining, technology committee review, patent reward system and employee’s education and training. The core of patent filing policy is focus on both quality and quantity equally. To encourage employees for patent filing and constantly accumulate R&D energy is going to help future product developments and maintaining market competitiveness.

Implementation status:
The intellectual property related matters had been reported to the board of directors on November 7, 2023.
In view of statistics, as of the third quarter of 2023, the company has accumulated more than 1988 granted patents worldwide, which including 718 patents in Taiwan, 617 patents in the US, 623 patents in China, and also 30 patents in other countries. In view of quality, the company's patent granted rate is higher than 90%.

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