Phison Driving
A Tradition Forward

PASCARI is Phison's
new brand name for
the Enterprise SSD
product line

Phison is proud to deliver Enterprise SSDs that combine best-in-class performance, low power consumption, and exceptional endurance. Our SSDs are designed to meet the demanding storage needs of our customers’ applications.

Phison's Breakthrough
AI Solutions

Scaling Boundaries, Not Budgets

Phison's aiDAPTIV+ is a hybrid software/hardware solutions for today's biggest challenges in LLM training. A single local workstation PC from one of our partners provides a cost-effective approach to LLM training, up to Llama 70b.

Phison's "World's
Firsts" 2024

World‘s First Native
USB4 Controller

4GB/s performance on-the-go for the fastest notebook and smartphone portable storage you could imagine.

World’s First 10 GB/s
Mainstream SSD

Feel the performance, not the heat. Phison E31T is ready to change the game for Gen5 notebooks by pushing over 10 GB/s while maintaining 7nm process grade thermal control.

The Ultimate Gen5 Experience

So Fast - It's Ready For Takeoff

Push system boundaries with the fastest Gen5 solution. Witness unthinkable PCIe Gen5 system-level performance with Phison at Computex 2024.

Ecosystem for Nex-Gen PCIe Connectivity

Phison leads the ecosystem with NAND flash as well as high-speed IC solutions that modernize client and server platforms.

PS7162 Redriver

Signal Conditioning

For signal integrity on
PCIe Gen6 platforms