• Corporate Governance

Introduction of Remuneration Committee

Members of Remuneration Committee

Wen Chiu Chung (Convener)

  • Major (Education) Past Positions:

Master of Accounting, Chung Yuan Christian University

Accountant of Grand Thornton

Chen Wei Wang

  • Major (Education) Past Positions:

Department of Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

CEO of Quanta Computer lnc.

President of Quanta Computer lnc.

Yu Lun Huang

  • Major (Education) Past Positions:

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Development

Director, Center for Continuing Education and Training

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Secretary-in-General, Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium

Attendance of Meeting Members

Operation of the Remuneration Committee:


(1) There are 3 members in the Remuneration Committee.

(2) The terms of this section of Remuneration Committee: July 14, 2020 to June 2, 2023. Total of 3 Remuneration Committee meetings were held in 2020 (A).

Attendance record of the Remuneration Committee members was as follows:


Position Name Attendance in Person(B) By Proxy Attendance Rate(%)(B/A)  Remarks
Convener Wen Chiu Chung 3 0 100.00 N/A
Committee Member Chen Wei Wang 3 0 100.00
Committee Member Yu Lun Huang 3 0 100.00

Other mentionable items:

  1. If the Board of Directors declines to adopt or modifies a recommendation of the remuneration committee, it should specify the date of the meeting, session, the content of the motion, resolution by the Board of Directors, and the Company’s response to the remuneration committee’s opinion: None.
  2. Resolutions of the remuneration committee objected to by members or expressed reservations and recorded or declared in writing, the date of the meeting, session, content of the motion, all members’ opinions and the response to members’ opinions should be specified: None.
Investor Relations

PHISON Spokesman

Mr. Yu

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Deputy Spokesman

Mr. Lu

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