• Corporate Governance

Auditing Office

Phison enforces the principle of ethical management in accordance with “Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies” and other relevant laws or regulations. The auditing office, which reports to the board of directors, mainly assists the board and managers to examine and review weakness of internal controls, to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operation. The auditing office also provides recommendations on improvements in a timely manner to ensure the continued and effective execution of the internal control system.

Internal Control Process

Plan According to risk assessment result dart on annual audit plan, and implement it with the board of directors’ approval.
Audit Appropriate audit process factually reports any flaws and abnormal items found in internal control process.
Review After the audit report submitted, every supervisors and independent director review the competed audit project.
Track Track the internal control system flaws and abnormal items, and make a tracking report quarterly, until they have been improved.
Investor Relations

PHISON Spokesman

Mr. Yu

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Deputy Spokesman

Mr. Lu

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