Sustainability Policy

Phison Electronics promises to adopt the following implementation guidelines to lay down a solid foundation for sustainable development.

  • Comply with global sustainable responsibility, environmental protection, occupational safety and health regulations and standards, reduce operational risks and protect employees' rights and interests.
  • Considering life cycle of products, leading green innovation and showing green competitive advantages.
  • Establish a sound supply chain screening system, implement supply chain due diligence and management, and continue to promote sustainable procurement.
  • Integrate the environmental performance of organizational activities, products and services, and take environmentally friendly actions to reduce environmental impact.
  • Pay attention to global climate change trends, formulate management policies and goals, and promote risk adaption and reduction plans.
  • Cherish natural resources, implement resource reduction and recycling, strengthen the supervision and improvement of pollution sources and risk management, and reduce the impact on the environment and personnel.
  • Establish good self-management mechanism, strengthen the management of engineering partners, and prevent occupational disasters.
  • Care for and cherish employees, provide a healthy and safe working environment, pay attention to employee health management, and implement business philosophy.
  • Establish a communication mechanism for stakeholders, attach importance to internal and external needs and maintain good interaction.