Customer Relationship Management

Phison makes satisfying customers' needs its top priority. The Company has established an outstanding customer relationship management system that systematizes customer service methods and processes to sure we provide consistent quality services, helping customers create value while also maximizing profits. To ensure customer opinions are heard and handled, the Company provides a diverse array of communication channels (including customer service hotline, telephone, and email), through which the Company will notify customers of important news.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Phison Electronics' customers are mainly in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The Company conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys on the top 25 customers each year in hopes of better understanding customers' needs and expectations.
Our customer satisfaction survey includes five aspects, Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), S (service), and T (technology), which the customers are asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10. The Company deems customers to be satisfied with a year's products and services if the average score of the 5 aspects is 7 or above. The results of the survey will provide a reference for the Company's internal performance reviews and help the Company continue to improve the quality of its services.

Customer Complaints Management

To improve the efficiency with which we respond to customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction, Phison established a customer complaints management process. If a customer experiences issues with product quality or has any questions or complaints, they can communicate with Phison through our customer complaints channels. The customer's problem will be handled right away to effectively increase the quality and frequency of bilateral interactions.