Customer Relationship Management

The Company's customers manly comprise those in the semiconductor industry and the electronics industry. To further understand their needs and expectations, the Company surveys the satisfaction of customers accounting for 80% of its operating revenue every year. In 2022, it surveyed the satisfaction of 51 customers.

The Company's customer satisfaction survey includes four aspects, namely Q (quality), D (delivery), S (service), and T(technology), for which the customers are asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10. The Company deems customers to be satisfied with a year's products and services if the average score of the 4 aspects is 7 or above. The results of the survey will provide a reference for the Company's internal performance reviews and help the Company continue to improve the quality of its services.

The score of the customer satisfaction survey for 2022 averaged 8.12 points. One thing worth mentioning is that 41 customers gave a satisfaction score of no less than 7 points. The satisfaction rate was 80%.