Ethical Corporate Management

Phison has always adhered to ethical corporate management principles, promoting ethical management at different aspects and levels from the Board of Directors down to all units. All employees, managers, and Board members should follow these principles and set an example for honest, ethical business practices.
The Company is committed to raising the ethical awareness of its employees, providing regular anti-corruption and ethical management educational training and whistleblowing channels for internal and external stakeholders to report dishonest, unethical behaviors to prevent instances of unethical management. In 2022, all in-service employees and new employees completed the training on ethical corporate management. In addition, all employees have signed a declaration, agreeing to abide by the "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics".

Whistleblower System & Handling of Unethical Conducts by Company Personnel

The following channels are adopted for reports, in the event that any Company Personnel may have involvement in contravention of laws or contravention of ethical principles:

Window for whistleblower: Supervisors of Department of Administrative Management.
Report line: 886-37-586-896 #11000
Report E-mail:
Anonymous suggestion boxes: Phison has established the Regulations Governing Internal and External Communication and Complaint and Report Management, which is applicable to Phi son's employees and external personnel having a business relationship with or stake in Phison. If the aforementioned personnel suffer or detect any unlawful infringement of rights, discriminations, improper punishments, violations of ethical management and conduct, violations of privacy and intellectual property rights, or other relevant matters, they may file complaints through the existing channels in which the complainants' names shall be provided, or through our new anonymous suggestion box. All complaints will be reported to the representative of the Corporate Sustainability Committee immediately, followed by the investigation in due course. All complaint cases must be approved by the representative before closing.

This Company shall investigate the relevant evidences and facts as it discovers or receives the report regarding the Company Personnel’s unethical conducts. If a person being informed of is confirmed to have violated the applicable laws and regulations, or the Company’s policy and regulations regarding the ethical management, the Company shall immediately request the violator to cease any relevant conducts, and shall make an appropriate disposition. When necessary, the Company will institute legal proceedings and seek damages to safeguard its reputation, its rights and interests. The Company shall take appropriate protective measures for whistleblowers or participants in investigations, including but not limited to: unless the whistleblower agrees, the whistleblower’s name or any fact that is sufficient to identify the identity of the whistleblower shall not be recorded in the public documents, and the name of the whistleblower, work unit, address, phone number, etc. must be kept strictly confidential; when verifying facts with the whistleblower, it should be done without revealing his/her identity.
With respect to the unethical conducts incurred, the Company shall ask relevant departments to review related internal controlling systems, operating procedures, and proposing improvements to prevent recurrence.