Environmental Protection
As a global leader in IC controller design, Phison believes that it must set an example in
the transition to a green industry by accepting the responsibility and obligation to protect
the environment. Apart from regularly reviewing our own operations to determine our
environmental impact, we must also think about how to reduce or prevent damage to the
environment, provide eco-friendly products and services, and fulfill the Phison vision on
sustainability so our company and the environment can achieve sustainable development.
The air conditioning system energy
saving for MIS servers room
x8 times
Phison started publishing CSR reports in 2013 to evaluate the
environmental impacts caused by operation and set annual energy
efficiency targets.
LED Lamps
Using LED lamps in Phison's warehouse
Environmental Fine in 2020
Passed ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification
Waste plastic packaging recycling In 2020
System Upgrade
Green Mgt. system upgrade (GPM Light > GPM Net)